10 Tips To Beat Insomnia

Insomnia is a medical condition that many people suffer from.  It can be temporary, or it can last for a long time.  Insomnia can cause many different illnesses both physical and mental.  When a person does not get enough sleep, even their brain and mind seem sluggish.  It sometimes makes it hard to think clearly and to function in a normal capacity.  

There are some things that can be done to help this situation, but for some people, even medical advice and treatment do not always work.  For many taking things such as sleeping pills can help, but then they also affect your mental and sometimes make you feel sluggish and do not allow you to function at a normal capacity.  

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to both your physical and mental health.  Having a quality mattress that gives you the support and comfort that you need will help you to get better-quality rest, helping you to be more alert and functional the next day.  Here are ten tips that can help you rest better and get yourself back on track.

Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Beat Insomnia

  1. Make sure you have the best mattress for the support and comfort that you need
  2. Drink a cup of warm milk or something warm with no caffeine
  3. Relax and think of a happy thought or place and make yourself unwind
  4. When you go to bed, do not watch television or be on your electronics because of the blue light 

      effect that makes your body think it is daylight   

  1. Make sure your bedroom is dark with no light glares or sounds
  2. Make sure your bedroom is neat and comfortable
  3. No caffeine or alcohol within an hour of bedtime
  4. Create a routine and go to the bed at the same time every night
  5. Make sure you stay in bed a set number of hours every night
  6. Check with your physician and see if there is something medical that might be causing this issue


The original Casper mattress has been designed from a variety of foams that help to make this mattress a popular choice because of its comfort, support, and pressure relief.  

Cover – The cover for this mattress is made from a polyester blend which allows a softness and a stretch to feel comfortable from the first touch.

Support – This support layer is made from aerated foam.  It offers a slow response to pressure, allowing the sleeper enough sinkage to get pressure relief and support from this mattress.  The aeration offers quality breathability, helping to keep your mattress cooler at night.

Transition – The transition layer is created from memory foam that offers a softness at the shoulders to allow a bit of shoulder sinkage along with a firmer selection at the hips, keeping them from sinking as much to offer you a proper alignment.  

Base – The base layer is made from a high-density poly foam which provides the shape and support to this mattress.  This offers the comfort and support for the mattress and allows the sleeper a proper amount of pressure relief and proper alignment.

This mattress has been deemed to be a little above the average firmness but offers quality support.  This would be a good selection for back and combo sleepers.  The motion transfer for this mattress offers a peaceful delivery.  You may still slightly feel your partner’s movements but not so much that it should disturb your sleep.


The bear mattress offers a quality design made from 3 layers of foam that creates support and pressure relief for many sleepers.  This mattress has become popular because of all of its support that it offers.

Cover – This cover is made from a material that is called Celliant.  This creates a soft and cozy cover from the very top of this mattress.

Comfort – The comfort level is designed from a 2-inch layer of memory foam that has been infused with to help with the cooling abilities of this mattress.  This offers a slow release to pressure and will allow the sleeper to sink gently down into the mattress gaining immediate pressure relief to the hip and shoulders.  This also helps to give the sleeper the proper alignment that they need for their support and comfort.  

Transition – This layer is designed from a denser polyfoam and helps to support the memory foam above it.  This allows the sleeper to sleep on top of the mattress instead of sinking too far down into it.

Base – The base of this mattress is 6 inches of high-density poly foam.  This helps to create the firmness and the support of this entire mattress, making it a quality choice for many sleepers.

The firmness of this mattress rates a little above the average firmness, as it offers quality support and pressure relief.  The pressure relief of this mattress seems to be a great choice for back, stomach and combo sleepers.  The motion transfer offers a quality control due to the foam layers and sleeping with a restless partner should be no problem for a good night’s sleep.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple is one of the quality Hybrid mattresses.  It is design with pocketed coil springs and a combination of poly foam and hyper-elastic polymer.  This combination offers quality support and pressure relief along with the bounce for this mattress helping many sleepers enjoy a good night’s rest.

Cover – This cover for this mattress is made from a blend of polyester and spandex, creating a breathable and stretchy cover around the mattress.  This helps with the cooling quality and the comfort of this product.

Comfort – This layer is made from hyper-elastic polymer and is placed in a grid design.  This helps to create the cooling effect and offers pressure relief and support throughout the entire mattress.

Transition – The transition layer is created from a layer of poly foam.  This layer supports the upper layer and helps to ease the sleeper down to the layer below.

Support – The support layer is made of pocketed coils.  These springs are designed to be bouncy and will help to keep the sleeper on the top of this mattress instead of letting them sink down into it.  The coils also offer a quality pressure relief to the sleeper.

The purple hybrid offers a medium firmness.  It appears to be a great choice for most back and stomach sleepers offering comfort and pressure relief that they need.  The motion transfer in this mattress is sensitive, so you will probably feel most of your partners movements throughout the bed.  The cooling properties of this mattress will help to allow you to have a cooler night’s sleep.


The Awara mattress is also designed as a hybrid mattress but offers quality eco-friendly materials.  It is GOTS certified and GOLS standards are met.  This mattress offers a fireproofing without the harmful chemicals that are sometimes added.

Cover – This cover is designed from GOTS certified cotton.  Natural cottons are known to look great and offers a softness that will last for a long time.

Transitional – This layer is made from 4 inches of Dunlop Latex that is GOLS certified.  It offers durability, bounce and helps to minimize the heat in the mattress.

Support – The support layer is designed from a 9-inch layer of pocket coils.  These coils help to lift the sleeper to the top of the mattress and offer pressure relief and support to the areas that are the heaviest and want to sink deeper.

The Awara mattress is honestly in the firm range due to the materials and the supportive coils.  This mattress appears to be a great choice for back sleepers, stomach, and combo sleepers, giving quality support for a variety of different sleep positions.   The motion transfer of this mattress is very sensitive, and most movements will be felt throughout the mattress.  This is something to consider if you have a restless bed partner.



Selecting the best mattress for you and your sleeping patterns and habits, can help you to beat insomnia.  The mattress that is right for you will give you the most support, comfort, and pressure relief.  It will almost feel that you are sleeping on a cloud or in a very relaxed comfortable state.  This can help you to totally relax and fall asleep faster.  Following the many tips and having the best mattress can help you wake up feeling rested and ready to face the day with alertness that you use to have.  When your mattress is not right for you, it is normal for many to wake up feeling achy and stiff.  This sometimes makes it hard to get moving at first.  You can also wake up feeling groggy and sluggish, making it hard to get your mental awake and alert.  Knowing some of the things to consider when purchasing a new mattress, can help you to select the best mattress for you and to give yourself the rest and support that you need.

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