A Good Night’s Sleep With Neck Pain

Getting a good night’s sleep while dealing with neck pain, can create many issues and missed hours of sleep for many ortho patients.  Neck pain can be caused by a variety of different injuries.  It is known to affect the various muscles in the neck and upper back area.  Not having a comfortable and supportive mattress that will help to comfort your neck pain can only make the pain and the ability to move your head worse and more painful.  Many orthopedic doctors treat a variety of different neck injuries in hope of helping their patients live a pain-free lifestyle.

Always See Your Doctor

When suffering from neck pain especially when it keeps you awake at night, it is always recommended to see your doctor and discuss treatment for your problem.  Many good doctors can also recommend a quality mattress and pillow to help to give you the support that you need to help to cradle and comfort you while you sleep, helping to reduce the pain and giving your body the sleep and rest that it needs so that it can help to heal your neck injury that is causing the pain.

Orthopedic Doctors

If your neck pain is severe your doctor may refer you to an orthopedic doctor that specializes in your bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments.  He may recommend your treatment and give you ways to help your neck pain.   He could start you with mild exercises to do at home and a list of ways to help to keep the pressure off of your neck, that can help to reduce the pain.

Ways To Protect Your Neck

  • 1.  If you work on a computer make sure it is the right height for you.  If your screen sits too high or too low, it can create pain in your neck because of the way you must hold your head to see your screen.
  • 2.  Make sure your chin is not too close to your chest on a regular basis.  Check with your Orthopedic doctor to see what is best for you.
  • 3.  Use armrests as much as possible to help to position your arms and support your shoulders and neck.  This prevents tiredness and muscle strain.
  • 4.  In your vehicle, make sure your headrest is positioned to the center of your head.  If you have to make a sudden stop or get rear-ended, this will help support your neck from injury.
  • 5.  Make sure you have a proper mattress that will offer you comfort and support to your neck and back.  A proper mattress will help to keep your spine in alignment and help to reduce your neck pain.

Selecting The Proper Mattress

When selecting the proper mattress to help give you the support that you need, there are several things to consider, such as your sleep position, your style of sleeping, pressure relief, and comfort.  All of these are very important and there are many different types and styles of mattresses that can offer the best comfort for you.  Here are just a few that can help to make your neck pain more manageable.  


The bear is a popular and supportive mattress in the memory foam category.  This mattress is known to offer coolness and pressure relief for various sleepers.  It is designed to be 10 inches tall designed with three layers of supportive foam.

Cover – The cover for this mattress is designed from Celliant which makes it soft and comfortable from the very top of your mattress.   This fabric has been known to help increase blood flow while you sleep, helping in the healing process.

Comfort Layer – This layer is designed with a 2-inch layer of memory foam that has been infused with graphite gel.  It offers a slow response to pressure allowing the sleeper to sink gently for great pressure relief.  The graphite gel helps to keep the memory foam cooler for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Transition Layer – This layer is made from a layer of firmer poly foam.  Its design helps to support the sleeper and prevents them from sinking too deeply down into the mattress.  Adding to the support and pressure relief.

Support Layer – The final layer of this mattress is made from 6-inches of high-density poly or support foam.  This layer adds to the shape and support of this mattress and keeps the sleeper on top of the mattress while they are enjoying quality pressure relief and support.

Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf mattress is made by Saatva and offers a high quality of pressure relief.  This mattress offers comfort and is great for the sleepers, that like the feel of a memory foam mattress.

Cover – The cover has been created from an organic cotton that leaves the top of this mattress feeling soft and comfortable to the touch.

Comfort Layer – The comfort layer is designed from a layer of gel-infused memory foam.  This offers a slow response to pressure allowing the sleeper to sink down into the mattress giving them quality pressure relief especially at the hips and shoulder areas.  The gel infusion has been designed to help to control the heat absorption into the memory foam making it cooler for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Transition Layer – The transition layer is made from a layer of poly foam.  This adds a quicker response to pressure and as this layer absorbs some of the sinkage, gently lowers the sleeper onto the firmer layer below.  

Base Layer – The base layer is made of a layer of high-density poly foam and gives the mattress its shape.  It also supports the softer layers above it giving the sleeper a more supportive and quality pressure relief for their night’s sleep.  

This mattress seems to come in on the softness scale in the firm category.  It offers quality edge support making it a good choice for larger sleepers and couples.  It is a great choice for side sleepers, giving them the sinkage at the hips and shoulders for quality pressure relief.  The motion transfer is very well controlled by the foam and makes it another quality for couple sleepers.  It also appears to be a good choice for side sleepers with neck and shoulder pain.


The WinkBed is a quality mattress that measures 13.5-inches tall.  It is very popular among the hybrid types of mattresses.  It offers durability and coolness for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Cover – The cover is designed from Tencel that has been quilted with Hyper-soft foam that provides pressure relief from the top of the mattress.  Tencel is an all-natural material made from eucalyptus wood cellulose and is known for its cooling and breathability properties.

Euro-Pillow Top – This layer is made from gel-infused SupportCell foam.  The gel infusion allows airflow throughout the mattress helping with a cooler night’s sleep.

Support Layer – This layer is designed with individually zoned and pocketed support coils. This layer offers the comfort and support of the mattress.  The various zones offer different strengths of the coils allowing support to the back and various areas of your body.  The coils are supported by being wrapped with a heavier foam on the bottom and around the sides giving this mattress quality edge support.

This mattress offers a firmness that is above average, putting it a bit into the firm side.  It offers quality edge support and cooling throughout the mattress. This seems to be a good choice for back sleepers and combination sleepers in all positions.  


Trying to sleep with neck pain can be a very difficult task for many sleepers.  Selecting a mattress that offers comfort, pressure relief, and a quality night’s sleep is very important.  The three above have all reached the popular level and are all deemed as quality mattresses.  Make sure to pay attention to how you and your partner if you have one, sleep and find a mattress that will work well for both of you.   Know that you are finding a mattress that offers full pressure relief especially in the areas that you are having pain.  This will help you to get a good night’s sleep without getting awaken by pain shooting through your neck area. Finding the one that meets your needs will get you the best mattress for the best night’s sleep.


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