Top Tips to Create a Positive Home Office Anywhere

With everything happening in the world right now there’s a lot of confusion, worry and uncertainty and for those lucky enough to still be working, it’s been a challenge to set up at home and create your own new office environment with the space you have. The aim of a home office is to provide you with a positive space that you can use to focus and work in, but it’s not always an option to have an actual room dedicated to being a home office, so we you have to work around the space you have and create something that works just as well for you.

Get Inspired

Before you start to buy things to use within your home office space, you should do a little research and get some inspiration to help you work out how to create the best setup for you. There are some amazing setups on Pinterest that you can use to get creative with your own space as well as handy hacks to make the most of the space you have to work with. Take a look at different office setups to help you work out exactly what you want to gain from your office space and how you’d like it to look.

Embrace Light

Having both natural and artificial lighting in your home office is essential. Natural light is ideal for making a space feel open and fresh, keeping you positive and motivated throughout your working day. You’ll also find that natural light is uplifting and can instantly make a room feel brighter, so you want to embrace as much natural light as you possibly can during the daytime. For those not so sunny days, or perhaps those days where you work later into the evening, you will need some artificial lighting to keep you going. Having the right kind of lighting in your home office is important as you don’t want anything that will result in you straining your eyes or struggling to see properly, so aim for something bright and white to shine onto your workspace. Have a browse online at interior retailers like Buster & Punch or Lamp and Light to find inspiration on the different types of lighting you can use within your home office area. It’s important to also remember that having a desk lamp is ideal when moving around the house. If you find your working from the dining table one day and the kitchen island the next, having a steady flow of light across your work area will be extremely helpful for you.

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Create Space

Whether you’re working in a small part of the kitchen, or you’re making things work in the spare bedroom, having space is really important to ensure you can concentrate and stay focused. If you’re trying to work in an area that is overcrowded, messy and cramped then you’ll become frustrated and find it difficult to get through the day without wanting to tidy everything away. Give yourself plenty of space (tidy space) to settle down and get to work. You should try to keep your desk or surface area as neat and tidy as possible, as this will also help.

The Essentials

Ensuring you have everything you need to carry out your working day is another key factor to creating the perfect home office space. From your laptop or computer screens to a webcam for video conferencing and plenty of paper and pens, you need to ensure you have everything to keep your workflow up. You may find that investing in some additional items to make working from home easier, such as a smaller laptop or keyboard, giving you a little more space to work with.

Add Plants Finally, having some greenery in your home office area is going to really help you stay focused, feel better mentally and also keep the space around you fresh. Plants are ideal for lifting the atmosphere within a room, as well as helping to keep you healthier which is a bonus all-round. Even if you only add a small cactus to your desktop, introducing some greenery is a great way of finishing off your home office area.

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