Top 5 Tips for Selling a Used Generator

If you have a used diesel or natural gas generator that you want to sell, you might not know where to start. In order to sell your used generator, you might want to know what the entire process is like for a very smooth transaction.

However, selling a used generator is not a simple process. This is why you might want to consider the following tips to sell a used generator successfully:

1. Consider Selling It to Experts

If you want to avoid all the hassles of selling your generator and even sell it at a good price, a perfect way to do so is to contact professionals who are in business for selling and buying used generators.

Professional sellers, like Bellwood Rewinds Limited, have we buy generators option, allowing you to sell your used generator at a good price. They also have a team of experts who can examine your generator and evaluate the fair cost for the same.

Consider Selling It to Experts

2. Ensure the Generator is Clean

Before buyers make you an offer for your generator, they are likely to evaluate it. Although the working capacity of generators should be evaluated, it helps a lot to consider creating a good first impression when they are not loaded with dirt or dust.

To this very end, ensure the generator, as well as its surroundings, are both in a tidy and neat condition.

3. Take Clear and Quality Pictures

Choose a sunny and bright day to take clear and quality pictures of your generator. And ensure you take pictures of the installation site, every side of the enclosure, and any other external part of the generator, including remote radiators, control panels, and fuel tanks.

Be sure also to include photographs of every identification plate as well as manufacturer’s labels. The more photos you capture, the better for you.

4. Be Detailed with the Listing

When selling your used generator, it is important to give your potential buyers a full description of the equipment. Ensure you include details about your generator’s year of manufacture, fuel source, hours, and model.

Avoid concealing any issues your generator might have. If potential buyers find this out, it might lead to a missed sale and a lack of trust.

5. Incorporate One or Two Videos

All your potential buyers might be looking for proof that your equipment is running well and fits the descriptions you presented. 

Although pictures are usually enough to convince potential buyers that your used generator is in pristine condition, including one or two videos of the machine running may put their minds at peace.

You may achieve this by uploading videos of your generators on YouTube as well as including a link in your sales description.

The Bottom Line!

As the general rule, if a generator is five years old or more and has less than 1,100 hours of use, you can sell it as second-hand equipment.

Anything newer than this is another option for you to rent or lease the generator rather than selling it outright.

This might be attractive since it will give you flexibility with the use of the generator and, at the same time, offer financial advantages over selling the equipment outright.

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