Stationery Supplies for an Efficient Work-at-Home Setup

Many people said goodbye to their daily commute to work routine even before Covid-19 became a factor. For them, working remotely or from home is nothing new. However, having the right stationery supplies is essential for the day. Your home is your office. So, office supplies like paper and envelopes are imperative to keep around, especially for record-keeping and heavy documentation. Here are some office essentials you should keep within arm’s reach.

Multifunctional Pens

Are you constantly switching from pencils to black, red, and green ballpens? If so, consider having a multifunctional pen right beside your desktop. It comes in handy when you switch or mix up certain colors in your notes, drawings, or markup plans.

Paper and Envelopes

You do not want to run out of paper and envelopes in those last-minute printouts. A healthy stock of papers and envelopes in different colors and sizes will come in handy when you least expect it.


A clipboard is useful when you have to highlight a certain piece of information. It’s best to have this right beside your work station if you often suffer from loose sheets, scattered pieces of papers, or misplaced grocery shopping lists. A clipboard is also useful as support when writing surfaces are not available.


Paperclips have several uses, and they make life easier. They look like meaningless stationery supplies, but paperclips became a symbol of unity back in the Second World War since it binds things together. While you think that paperclips are just office supplies, there are surprisingly lots of practical uses out of this DIY tool.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are an essential tool that allows you to record thoughts instantly. Thanks to their built-in adhesive, you can put them almost anywhere; on your desk, bathroom, mirror, computer monitor, or perhaps your fridge.


Once your pen is already set up, you will need a notebook to write on. Journals and notebooks are the best way to store information. You can write on it, quickly jot down important information, doodle, draw, and, most importantly, always keep you ready for recording information. Notebooks are also space savers, and it doesn’t take too much of your desk space.

Ergonomic Devices

You are likely working for extended periods when you are working from home. Ergonomic chairs provide good posture while you spend a lot of time answering phone calls or emails. This chair is designed to have a headrest for head and neck support if you are stretching out. It also has a backrest to reduce the risk of back pain.

Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is essential for arranging small office supplies like sticky notes, pens, paper clips, etc. to prevent desk-clutter. Depending on the brand you choose, desk organizers have compartment boxes that fit together in different combinations to accommodate in your work area.

The best thing about working from home is that you can design your office just like you imagine. While buying your work-from-home essentials, you might enjoy choosing supplies that match your personality. If you are still contemplating what to purchase, this checklist will help you get the necessary items for a work-at-home setup.

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