How To Design Oak Cabinets Into a Modern Kitchen

Truthfully, for decades, if not centuries, oak cabinets have been considered ideal for classic-styled spaces. So what happens when millions of homeowners attracted to modern-fashioned interior designs decide to go for oak kitchen cabinets? Can oak cabinets match the aesthetics of modern interior designs?

For your information, installing the most modern-looking décor accessories into an interior space is not the best way to make that space look exclusively modern-fashioned. If you have considered using oak cabinets to craft a modern kitchen interior design but aren’t sure whether or not they are ideal for that, continue reading this article. 

About Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Ideally, oak cabinets are some of the oldest known natural wood cabinets. For the first time in nearly three decades, they are trending in modernity. Regardless of what you are attracted to when it comes to kitchen cabinet design, oak cabinets are good for you. 

Thanks to the fact that oak hardwood is versatile, you will have several remarkable options to choose from if you decide to go for oak kitchen cabinets. Red and white oak cabinet designs are the well-known major types of oak cabinets. 

Without a doubt, like many wood-based cabinets, oak cabinets boast unequaled reverence, thanks to their defining attributes, most of which prove them ideal for kitchen interior design needs. Below are some of the attributes; 

  • Durability

Do you know that oak kitchen cabinets, traditional and modern-fashioned varieties, boast record-breaking durability rankings? Among the well-known hardwood varieties, oak hardwood is the strongest and so, the most durable. For that reason, oak-based furniture designs are considered longer-lasting. 

  • Versatility

Apart from unmatched durability standards, oak cabinets are well-known, thanks to their versatile nature, As we already pointed, oak cabinets come in different varieties, including red and white oak cabinet varieties, their most iconic and famous types. As of now, lovers of both old and new-fashioned cabinets are enjoying a premium experience as far as choosing cabinets among oak cabinet designs is concerned.

  • Practicality

Generally speaking, the extent to which oak kitchen cabinets speak out for themselves and stand out as unique is highlighted by their unrivaled practical values. Besides boasting the potential to match multiple visual aesthetic styles, oak cabinets, painted or unpainted, are compatible with a variety of material textures and fabrics, from wood to metal and laminate-based material textures and fabrics. 

How to Style a Modern Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

Honestly, styling a space with wood-based décor accessories like oak cabinets is easy but not comparable to working out or going out for dinner or shopping. Eventually, you’re supposed to apply some skills unless you want to discover the fact that you don’t know how to do it. 

Here are the most well-known proven strategies for using oak cabinets to make a space stand out in terms of practicality and visual aesthetics. 

#1: Color Mixing

When styling a space with wood-based cabinets, color mixing is to a wide extent inevitable. Thanks to bare wood’s remarkable ability to blend with a myriad of shades, wood cabinets, including colored varieties, need to be matched with colorful décor accessories for their visual aesthetic features to stand out as expected. 

But note that the colors you choose to blend them with must incline towards the interior design aesthetics that define the space in which they are. When choosing colors to blend with oak kitchen cabinets, here are other factors you need to bear in mind; 

  • Your preferences regarding interior design aesthetic styles
  • The color, layout, and shape of oak cabinets
  • The degree of availability and ease of usage of the colors you choose to work with

#2: Installation of Decor Accessories

Simply by installing a variety of décor accessories on oak kitchen cabinets, you can make them prove ideal for a modern-style interior space. Because oak cabinets are compatible with diverse material textures and fabrics, you can beautify their surfaces with accessories highlighted by metallic, laminate, fiber, or plastic textures and fabrics, all of which are considered modern. 

Arguably, furniture and hardware items can also serve as décor accessories in a space adorned with oak cabinets. Therefore, when styling a kitchen with oak cupboards, you can consider going for stylish furniture, not to mention installing modern-style kitchen hardware, for example, colored ceramic sinks, shiny metallic taps and accentual elements, etc. 

#3: Installation of Extra Lighting Fixtures

If you decide to go for red oak cabinets, you must be well prepared to spend money on pendant bulbs or in-cabinet lighting wear. That is generally because the drawers have a dark countenance that can easily make the entire space in which they are housed seem gothic, especially if it is not well-lit. 

But installing extra lighting fixtures inside a space with oak kitchen cabinets isn’t all about making the space seem light visually. It is a viable styling strategy. For your information, the majority of artificial interior lighting fixtures feature diverse designs and materials, all of which can work well to enhance the aesthetics of an interior. 

Will Oak Cabinets Soon Stop Trending? 

As of now, millions of homeowners, not just in America but across the world, are attracted to natural wood cabinets. Considering that the trend is more likely to continue as time progresses, chances are high that oak kitchen cabinets will trend for many years to come. Remember that the most notable wood-based cabinet varieties are red and white oak cabinets. 

Besides the known popularity of wood cabinets, here are other facts suggesting that oak cabinets are not yet about to stop trending; 

  • Contemporary-fashioned oak cabinets are out
  • The versatile nature and practical values of oak cabinets are unmatched
  • Oak cabinets are accessible and cheap

Final Thoughts

Like it or not, oak cabinets are compatible with the aesthetics of modern kitchen interior designs. Because they match several colors and material textures, you can trust oak cabinet models when it comes to crafting a modern kitchen interior design. You need to know that Oak kitchen cabinets are outstandingly durable, accessible, and maintainable. Thanks to their broad range, they can give you access to any cabinet design of your choice. 

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