Whether you are traveling for a family trip, leisure trip, field trip, or an adventurous trip, Seattle is the finest destination for you in the North Pacific Region. It is the largest city in Washington. Seattle is also called “An Emerald City” because of its immense greenery all year round. Seattle also homes the largest tech industry and it houses headquarters of some world-famous industries, like Starbucks and Boeing. It is also called a rain city, not because it rains very frequently, but because it rains for quite a long time.

It is an expensive city, but it is worth visiting. Quite comfortable and relaxing with very nominal rates, The Lodge at Suncadia Resort is a perfect hotel for you. Even after a whole day of traveling, you can have a full-service spa, body treatment, and massages to relax. A home to multiple renowned innovations, Seattle is an urban city with hustle and bustle all day long. While you enjoy your visit to Seattle, try not to miss the classic tourist destinations.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market’s history goes back to 1907 when it started selling produce publicly. In only three months, the market had 76 stalls, and is now visited by 10 million people annually. You will find stalls and businesses that are over 100 years old and being run by 3rd or 4th generations. It is a huge market, with a variety of vegetables, fruits, and meat. Moreover, you will also find a dairy collection, fish market, and sweet products like jam and honey. Visitors who enter this market never leave empty handed. The attraction of Pike Place Market compels its visitors to shop. If it’s raining and you feel the need of some hot coffee, remember that Starbuck’s first and original branch was opened in Pike Place Market. Read about activemyhome

Space Needle

The Space Needle is the tallest, most iconic skyscraper in Seattle, with a height of 184 meters. If you want to see all of Seattle from one point, you need to go all the way up to the top floor. The observation deck will provide you a glamorous 360 degree view. The more you see, the more you love. Lookout for a breathtaking view of snow-covered mountains on the east, and Olympic mountain range to the west. On the other side you’ll get the splendid sight of beautiful Seattle. Don’t forget to use their state of the art, award winning interactive technology to explore the history of this iconic tower. read more here.

Beneath The Streets

Experience a 1-hour tour of Seattle underground. Walk in a small group with guides that will take you through a three-block tour and share the exciting history of its origination and purpose. It has the historic underground passageways of Seattle’s original neighborhood known as Pioneer Square.  Read more at Thehomeblogs.com

Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Traveling

In this center, you will not only learn about the functionality of aircrafts, but also the history of aviation, it’s historical design, and Modern interior design. It is a perfect opportunity to witness the assembly of huge steel birds. They offer the opportunity of hands-on experience building and testing your own aircraft design. Boeing is the largest aerospace company and it is very fortunate that they have opened a public tour of commercial jets assembly plant for general public in North America. This place is also a hot destination for Family or School’s field trip.  

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