4 Tips For Installing Home Conditioning

If the older unit no longer works, it is time to replace it with a new, energy-efficient air conditioning system with more advanced features. After buying the right type of unit, next, the homeowner has to decide whether or not to hire professionals for the job. For novices with no previous experience, it is better to rely on contractors than to install it wrongly.

Installing home conditioning is no easy task and requires the installer to know the ins and outs of the process. Whether or not you are hiring an air conditioning installation contractor for the job, here are some tips to help you with the installation.

4 Tips For Installing Home Conditioning


Vouched by many homeowners, the most crucial or difficult decision when it comes to installing is not the kind of unit that you pick but the location. After installation, it requires regular maintenance checks to keep the AC operating properly without needing any major repairs.

Pick the Right Location 

Although most people do not pay attention to the location, it has a great impact on efficiency and energy costs. The AC should be placed at the right location where there are no blockages nearby to maximize airflow. 

Also, ensure that it is installed away from the heat sources like a furnace or electrical appliances, otherwise, the in-built temperature detector will get a false reading. Place it near a power source to avoid the need for extension cords and long power cables.

Consider important factors like water, obstructions, and exposure to direct sunlight before installation. Experts recommend installing it on the North side where it gets the least sunlight. 

Check the Ductwork 

Before installing a new unit with advanced features, it is best to have the existing ductwork checked from the professionals. Often, existing ducts may not be able to cope with the higher level of airflow, therefore, required to be modified.

New air conditioning units are more efficient and have an increased airflow, therefore, new ductwork may need to be installed which will add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the installation cost.

Hire Professionals 

Homeowners are not professionally trained or have the required qualifications to install an air conditioning unit. It would be wrong to call it a DIY-friendly job as a lot goes into installing an AC.

Additionally, one has to be careful when hiring a contractor, only hire reputable professionals with authentic certification, references, and positive reviews.

Maintenance Checks 

Like all electrical appliances, air conditioning units need regular maintenance checks to be in top condition. Minor defects should be fixed timely before they snowball into something worse and irreparable. 

In order to not void warranties, many reputable AC manufacturers require regular maintenance checks, once or twice a year. Simply put, have the cooling and heating system inspected to improve efficiency, save money, and prevent pricey repairs.

Schedule inspection and maintenance with the professionals and do not forget to discuss any crucial details, potential problems, and possible solutions.

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