Black Kitchen Cabinets In Kitchen Design Ideas for The Year

It is always thrilling to have a perfect kitchen. Therefore, any remodeling project should target design ideas that are contemporary and will redefine your kitchen space.

To get you started, we’ve compiled some unique ideas that most contemporary kitchens have used. Maybe, you can be inspired by one of the ideas to change the look of your kitchen.

Darker Stains 

It was unheard of dark kitchens; however, things have changed it is now fashionable to have black kitchen cabinets in the kitchen. Whether you have an all-white kitchen or not, adding darker stains changes the overall appearance giving your kitchen a modern look.

You can pick a darker stain from a range of color options that you prefer in your kitchen. It is also important to ensure that the overall look of your kitchen is considered, thus, matching your kitchen colors.

Reclaimed Materials 

Vintage touches in a kitchen can also help to change the overall look of your kitchen space. Think about the pieces in your house that could add some warmth to the kitchen. You can use reclaimed materials to give your kitchen the antique look.

Woven Lights 

While there is nothing wrong with normal light fixtures, you could try something different like having woven lights. The new texture can bring some warmth into the kitchen. You could have them hanging on top of your kitchen island to illuminate the black kitchen cabinets and the seating area. Pick a color that will match the other kitchen elements to ensure there is color harmony.

Painted Islands

There is the assumption that every modern kitchen has a kitchen island. With your island, you can use a few impactful tips like painting it right to make it a statement area. If you have black kitchen cabinets, you can paint your island a brighter color. Light blue can be a great option in your kitchen space.

Double Island 

How about having two kitchen islands? It is an idea worth thinking about if you enjoy family gatherings in the kitchen. Firstly, you need working space in your kitchen before you install two kitchen islands. You also need to ensure they are well positioned for a powerful effect. You can place them adjacent to your black kitchen cabinets on either side. This design option will create more seating space and offer more room for kitchen conversations with family members.

With these tips, you are good to start thinking of brilliant ways of improving your kitchen’s look.


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