Cupola Lighting Ideas

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Wooden Hot Tubs: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

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How to Design a Travertine Patio ideas (Without Making a Mess)

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How To Keep Your Hoya Krimson Princess Blooming!

The Hoya Krimson Princess is a beautiful plant that needs specific care to thrive. It is succulent, so it needs plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil. The soil should also be slightly acidic. The plant does not tolerate frost or... Read more

What is Alocasia Regal Shield?

Alocasia regal shield is an unusual plant that can be a great addition to any garden. It has large leaves that are green with a purple underside. The leaves can grow up to two feet long and ten inches wide.... Read more

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Cotyledon Pendens Care & More Beautiful Trailing Succulent

Cotyledon pendens is a beautiful trailing succulent whose seeds can be extracted, gaining in popularity. Cotyledon pendens is a beautiful trailing succulent that is gaining in popularity. Deep green color. Which gives the plant a very fuzzy appearance. This succulent... Read more

The Best Incredible Anthurium magnificum Care Tips

What Is Anthurium magnificum?
The anthurium magnificum, or “flor de maga” as it is known in Puerto Rico, is a striking plant that can add a splash of color to any garden. This tropical flower has large, heart-shaped leaves and bright red blooms that... Read more

Top 5 Reasons Move To Beautiful Alaska

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Learn How to Take Care of Your Philodendron Verrucosum!

Philodendron verrucosum, also known as the warty philodendron, is a philodendron native to southeastern Brazil. It is a perennial climbing vine that can reach up to 20 m (66 ft) in length. The leaves are heart-shaped, 7–20 cm (2.8–7.9 in)... Read more