Important Considerations for Kitchen Redesign

You can easily drop $100,000 on a new kitchen if you opt for high end materials and appliances. If you enjoy cooking, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it should be designed to fit the way you like to work, making the items you use most easy to store and reach, plus providing ample storage.

On the other hand, if you are redoing your kitchen to prepare to sell it, you’ll want to stick to neutral colors and go for what’s popular at the lowest possible price. If you look at what builders are installing in new homes, that should give you a good idea what most people expect in a new kitchen.

  1. Budget – A kitchen makeover is one of the most expensive renovations you can do in a home. Materials like quartz and quartzite, which are very popular for countertops these days, can easily cost twice as much as a common granite countertop. Once you have a budget, you can get quotes for various materials and then decide how important it is to have something that costs more than you expected. You must also leave a little wiggle room for the unexpected, such as a beam that must be moved, or faulty wiring that requires repair.
  2. Tile vs. Wood – Although you’ll see wood floors in many of the new homes, they probably weren’t designed for people who cook or have a lot of foot traffic in the kitchen. Wood, inevitably, will wear down and require refinishing. Tile offers a wider range of colors, durability, and lower cost. You can even create a wood-look floor with so many faux woods floor tiles available these days.
  3. Shelves vs. Cabinets – The latest trend in kitchen design is the simple look of shelves backed by a tiled wall to replace closed door cabinets. If you’re short on cabinet space now, that probably isn’t the best idea for your kitchen. You might be able achieve this look in a nook, taking advantage of as much cabinet space as possible. 
  4. Layout – If you’re planning to enjoy your new kitchen for years to come, you should pay attention to the layout of the sink, dishwasher, and cabinets to make it easy to put dishes away. Think about the counter space you have available for prepping food, which you might want close to your spice cabinet. Make good use out of your pantry with shelves and organizers. If your kitchen is open to your family room, you may want to face your company while cooking so you can converse while cooking.
  5. Timing – If possible, plan your renovation during the warmer weather so you can cook outside on your grill while your kitchen is out of commission. Using paper plates and plastic utensils is a must for your sanity. (Washing dishes in the bathtub is hard on your back!)

Collect photos from magazines, Pinterest, and other online sources for inspiration and to show sales representatives in the showrooms what you’re looking for.  While designing is the most fun, it will only come to fruition with careful planning and budgeting.

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