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Looking around us, one can get the impression that everything has already been invented. And even if it hasn’t been, promoting a new idea from scratch seems impossible. While the actual state of affairs is not so pessimistic, it is true that new companies and projects increasingly have to resort to non-standard solutions. Amadilinc helps them achieve exactly that – creative campaigns with a special focus on Marketing and IT departments.

The role of IT in the company


Our daily lives are constantly intertwined with technology. The same is also true on the larger scale of our economy. At this point, every major industry relies heavily on technical solutions provided by various IT departments. 

The role of these departments may vary depending on the specific industry, but in every case it remains vital. If a company has its own application – the IT department in that business or a hired company is responsible for its development and maintenance. If a corporation has its own website, mailbox, or digital documents, the IT department is most often responsible for all of this as well. But even if you find a situation where all these aspects don’t apply, no business can exist without contact with any form of IT. From banking, to email, social media, or cyber security, all of these categories used by small businesses and large corporations alike are saturated with IT achievements. 

For instance, let’s assume that a company uses a dedicated email box and company laptops. This is a rather low requirement these days, being almost a staple of any functioning office. In this case, the IT department will be responsible for preparing the laptops for use, including installing the appropriate restrictions and security features to, for example, prevent an unaware employee from downloading a virus. Of course, dealing with securing the cloud server and email inbox will also be crucial to prevent leaks of important documents. 

Then, of course, there’s responding to all sorts of problems that may arise along the way, such as broken laptops, a crashed server, or a forgotten password. As you can see, even a relatively small area of responsibility quickly multiplies potential problems and tasks! That’s why it’s important to equip your IT department with the most effective tools possible. 

Help and advice

IT departments often deal not only with maintaining, securing and repairing both physical devices and digital problems, but also with creating the necessary tools and applications from scratch. Therefore, they can very easily become overloaded under the impact of a few unfortunate events, which can in turn significantly affect the operation of the entire company. This again raises the stress level of the IT department, which can lead to more errors. This makes it difficult to solve any problem efficiently. 

Sometimes, however, even without extraordinary accidents, work in the IT department can be tedious and much of the productivity lost. Outdated infrastructures, inadequate tools, or pressure to do everything “in-house” can be the culprits. So how to prevent such situations to optimize corporate IT as much as possible?

First of all, a good leader should listen first and foremost. Nurturing a good relationship with employees will ensure that any problems or suggestions will be raised quickly if the need arises. It is worth remembering that employees themselves usually know best what they need and which element of their work needs improvement. 

Secondly, it is worth enlisting the help of external companies that will be happy to lend their expertise and insight. This will not only relieve the burden on the “in-house” IT department, which will be able to turn its attention to more pressing tasks, but also introduce a breath of fresh air and new ideas. Amadilinc offers interactive solutions to help avoid problems in exactly this way!

Dedicated Solutions – Amadilinc

Amadilinc consists of teams of experts whose mission is to provide scalable, timeless and personalized IT and Marketing solutions. With their reliable tools and solutions, companies can focus on their growth and enriching the world with new ideas. 

Although Amadilinc’s main mission is to help new companies grow and establish a presence in the market, thanks to a work system that is both solid and flexible, the team of specialists can customize their work mode to meet the specific needs of the client. 

The company’s main premise is open cooperation and support at every stage of project creation and development. Building communication based on understanding, respect and trust is vital in order to relieve the burden and support the IT and Marketing departments. Only in this way can truly personalized, impressive results be achieved. That’s why Amadilinc’s interactive solutions are consulted in a pre-determined manner to deliver a finished, comprehensive project that meets even the highest requirements in the fields of IT, marketing and legality. 

Customized solutions 

To best assist departments and companies at every level of development, Amadilinc offers a wide range of services. From creating dedicated software or applications from scratch, to creating engaging and original websites, to taking over pre-existing projects, each of these services can be infinitely customized to meet the needs and requirements of both the cooperating company and its clients. 

However, whether a project is created from scratch or taken over from another team, the effectiveness of Amadilinc’s solutions is guaranteed by the team’s creative process, divided into three stages for convenience. These allow the company to receive the appropriate support in each phase of development:

Discovery Phase. During this phase, the greatest amount of dialogue takes place. Its purpose is to understand the basics and overall direction of the project that the collaboration will address. 

Design Phase. At this point, the overall direction becomes more precise. Specific plans, requirements, and agreements on the mode of work, frequency of sending updates, and similar pragmatic aspects of cooperation begin to crystallize. Development Phase. This is the moment when the project transforms from a precise plan into a solid, refined reality. 

This winning formula is already responsible for more than 200 successfully completed projects, each of which was carefully agreed upon and respected from both sides. With the special premium on open communication and mutual trust, collaboration brings with it not only a great project, but also a free exchange of ideas that benefits both parties. 

The monopolization of our world already seems to encompass everything, even industries as innovative and meritocratic as IT. However, promoting fresh visions and turning good ideas into reality is very important. That’s why companies like Amadilinc are trying to make it easier for both older and complete newcomers to break into the mainstream. This is done by giving them access to personalized Marketing, IT, and top-tier credentials. The additional support and free exchange of ideas are based on values such as solidarity and trust, and ensure that the solutions achieved are not only reliable and interactive, but also creative and timeless. It’s worth letting the burden go!


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