Effortless Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Meta Description: Apart from rest quick bathroom cleaning hacks, bathroom shower doors can be a permanent cure to all such problems, as shower doors reduce the chances of soap scums and dirt. 

With the right cleaning hack, keeping the house spotless is a breeze! Knowing how to clean a bathroom thoroughly is great, but sometimes you just want to get by with minimal effort. 

You probably don’t enjoy cleaning glass doors for bathroom and spaces because it seems to go from being neat and orderly one minute to a complete disaster the next. However, we believe that this private area, when kept tidy, may be an oasis. A place to unplug and recharge while taking a shower, soaking in the tub, or giving oneself a daily pep talk. 

Try implementing some of the following little, but consistent, cleaning routines into your week or day. However, let’s get straight into it!

Craziest & Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

  • Clean Up Your Mirror- Remove and Prevent Fogging!


Like how glycerol in shaving cream shields your skin from razor burn, it can also act as a barrier on your vanity mirror to keep it from misting up. Use a little layer of shaving cream, wiped off, to keep the bathroom mirror de-mist after your next shower. Apply it to your shower’s glass doors or mirrors to prevent fogging.

  • Let The Shower Head Sparkle and Water Uninterrupted!


Looking for a quick and easy way to give your shower head and other faucets a thorough cleaning? Tie a plastic baggie full of diluted white vinegar to your shower head and leave it on overnight to break down and eliminate the grime naturally. Practically, this should restore water pressure and make the shower head shine like new.

  • Attach Hooks To Keep The Trash Bags In Place!


We all are tired of sliding down trash wrappers when put inside plastic trash cans, despite the fact that they are inexpensive. The elastic or handles of your trash bag can be attached and firmly fixed to the bin’s sides. This can be done by installing hooks to approx. 3 inches around upside-down from the can’s top. This will make the trash bag stick in its position. 

  • Pick Chopsticks For Cleaning Crevices!

To think that chopsticks are just useful for eating takeout is a mistake. To remove grime from hard-to-reach places in the bathroom, try using one of these multipurpose gadgets. Wrap cloth or tissue papers around a chopstick, and simply remove dirt from places like vents, grout, and narrow openings around fixtures. 

  • Aspirin Helps To Clean Up Entire Bathroom Spaces!

Aspirin Helps

Running low on toilet bowl disinfectant? You need not worry. Since aspirin contains salicylic acid, it can be used to clear hard water stains and soap scum off hard surfaces like sinks and showers. 

  • Make DIY Low-cost Bathroom Cleaners!

Make DIY

Put 1 2/3 cups baking soda and 1/2 cup liquid soap made from vegetable oil in an empty spray bottle and shake well. Combine a half cup of water and two tablespoons of vinegar, requires a good shake before use. Use a towel or sponge to apply and then thoroughly rinse the solution after use.

  • Use Squeegee To Clean/Dry Bathroom Shower Doors!

Use Squeegee

Time to get with the times and get a squeegee for your shower if you don’t already have one. A squeegee is a tool used to remove water from glass surfaces and make them dry completely. If you spend two minutes wiping down your tile, tub, and doors with one after every shower, you can prevent soap scum. Thus reducing the frequency with which you need to clean the bathroom.

Please see the resource below for more bathroom cleaning tips specifically aimed at fighting mold.

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