How To Maximize Your Curb Appeal and Sell Your Home Fast

Are you having trouble selling your home? Everyone is saying that the world of real estate is currently in a seller’s market, but just because some owners are selling their homes in record times and with huge profits doesn’t mean that the same will automatically happen to you. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but once you’ve realized this truth you can take steps to increase your chances of selling your home. An important thing to consider is the impression that buyers will get when they see your house. Since the first thing that they’ll see in a listing is the exterior of your home, it must be appealing enough to draw in buyers. Here are some ways that you can improve your curb appeal to guarantee that your home sells.

Prioritize Your Lawn Care

You might see memes about the “white new balance dads” who are obsessed with maintaining their lawns, but these dads understand the value that exceptional lawn care can add to a property. This kind of lawn care goes beyond setting up a sprinkler system and mowing regularly. If you want your property to live up to its full potential, then you should consider hiring lawn care professionals to help you get it there. Some services they might offer include:



If your lawn has some bald patches of dirt or is starting to look a little too thin, then the lawn care expert you talk to might recommend spreading seeds to help fill in these spaces and make your lawn seem lusher. They’ll be able to take care of the seeing process for you to be sure that the seeds are distributed evenly and in a way that makes your lawn appear full.


If you aren’t familiar with the process of aeration, it’s sort of similar to micro-needling. In skin care, you use micro-needling to help improve skin texture and allow products to fully penetrate your skin barrier by creating tiny wounds with mini needles. In lawn care, aeration is used similarly to allow air, water, and nutrients to enter the ground through perforations. This helps to strengthen roots and grow a healthier lawn.


The best thing you can do to help your lawn is to give it fertilizer to promote healthy growth. A lawn care expert will be able to analyze the unique makeup of your soil and determine what nutrients it lacks. They can then use this information to build a fertilization plan to help give your grass the nutrients it needs to become stronger and lusher.


Pesky weeds might look visually unappealing, but they can also take essential nutrients away from your grass and the other plants on your property. Some weaker types of weeds can be removed just by pulling them, but others are more invasive and require more care to prevent them from returning. Sure, you could head to your local garden center and pick up some weed killer, but you might run the risk of putting toxins into your soil and damaging any surrounding plants. A lawn care expert will be able to help you create a plan to take care of the weeds on your property in a way that doesn’t affect the health of your lawn or other plants.

Tidying Up Your Exterior

As a homeowner, you might be pretty good about regularly cleaning the interior of your home, but the exterior is often ignored. Sure, you might do yard work now and then, but your home itself is still neglected. Since its constantly exposed to the elements, over time the exterior of your home could start to see a buildup of grime or might end up fading and becoming a duller color. Here are some ways you can return your home to its former glory:

Power Washing

Power washing is the quickest way to remove a layer of grime from your home’s exterior. If you want to protect your home from mold and mildew and keep it looking nice, it’s recommended that you use a power washer once or twice a year, depending on the type of siding you have and the typical weather and climate of your area.


If you wash the exterior of your house and find that it’s still looking a little shabby and dull, then it might be time to give your house a new coat of paint. You could stick to what you know and just freshen up its current color, or you could take the opportunity to change up the design by trying out a new color. A lot of more modern homes are utilizing darker neutrals, making them appear bold and helping them stand out against the other homes on the market. If you’re looking to sell fast, then this might not be such a bad idea.

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