How to Prepare for The Roof Replacement?

Has your roof been damaged beyond repairs? It’s time to accept the fact that roof replacement is the only option. Therefore, do not delay the matter any further and head out to find a constructor. Leave no stone unturned in finding an experienced constructor for the job. Meanwhile, begin preparing for the roof replacement

There are a lot of things that you need to do before the contractor arrives for the replacement. To be done with the preparation on time, start now. Here’s how you would be supposed to prepare for the roof replacement;

  • Remove the decorations and move the house and patio furniture
  • Trim the trees and cut the grass
  • Secure windows
  • Remove antennas and satellites 
  • Find or arrange a reliable power source nearby
  • Unblock the way
  • Inform your neighbors

Remove the decorations and move and patio furniture

Remove the decorations and move and patio furniture

The roof replacement often destroys the wall decorations and patio furniture if they are not moved to a secure place. While the roof is being replaced, the walls would vibrate because of continuous hammering on the roof. Therefore, the family pictures and decorations can fall off and get damaged. What you have to do first is remove, pack, and move them to a safe place. The same should be done to the patio furniture to prevent it from getting affected by the construction mess. 

Trim the trees and cut the grass

If any tree branches are hanging around on your roof, cut or trim them. It is important for the smooth roof replacement process. Moreover, you should cut the grass before the construction begins as well. When roof replacement will be done, there might be dirt, debris, nails, etc to get rid of. The grass would make it harder to get rid of the construction mess, consider cutting it down. 

Secure windows

The windows do not remain unaffected by the roof replacement. However, you can minimize the damage by securing them with boards or something. There are a lot of other ways to secure the windows as well. Better take professional advice and secure the windows accordingly. Remove antennas and satellites

As the day of roof replacement is approaching, make use of the time left and remove antennas and satellites. The antennas and satellites have to be removed for the smooth functioning, do it as soon as possible.

Find or arrange a reliable power source nearby

What most homeowners forget to arrange before the roof replacement is a reliable power source. The contractor would bring a few electric equipment, so a power source would be needed. Identify it before the work starts otherwise, you would waste a lot of your and the contractor’s time in finding a power source nearby.

Unblock the way

If there is a vehicle or anything that is blocking the way, you have to move that aside as well. This can be done before the roof replacement process starts or the same day it begins. 

Inform your neighbors

The roof replacement can be a days or weeks-long process. There would be a lot of noise. It is better to inform the neighbors about it and apologize in advance.

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