What Factors Go into Choosing a New Family Dining Table?

Family dinners are at the heart of every family’s get-togethers. A time to catch up, enjoy each other’s company, and have family meals made with love. All these treasurable moments are almost always in the dining room, a space unlike any other in the home. But what is the dining room without its pieces? To create a dining space, you must find pieces that tick all the boxes, beginning with a dining table. 

5 Game-Changing Tips When Choosing the Perfect Family Dining Table 

The dining room table is the spine of the space. Choosing a new dining table is more about form than function. As purposeful as you want it to be, it should look good. That is how you know you have chosen the perfect dining table. And with your family to think about, the stakes are even higher. These are factors to watch out for when choosing a family dining table.

Dining Table

Family size 

How big or small your family will determine the size of the dining table you get. Sure, a typical dining table can seat four to six people, but that is not to say this is your only option. If you want people to dine comfortably, it is crucial to look at the measurements of your dining table before buying. Extendable dining tables are an option if you have an intimate family but frequently host people. 


Like any other furniture piece in the home, the dining table requires care and maintenance. If you want to get the best years out of it, you must maintain it as required. Water and heat damage wooden dining tables, so you should keep your table away from these two elements. On the other hand, glass tends to scratch easily, so you should avoid using harsh abrasives when cleaning. Choose something your family can maintain without too much hassle, as it will only serve you in the long run. 

Available space 

A dining table can check all the boxes of the ‘perfect’ dining table and still could not be the practical choice for you. The space in the dining room will limit how big you can go when picking out a table. A family dining room with limited space may not be able to house a large rectangular table but work well with a sturdy round dining table. Round dining tables are space efficient, allowing ample space and flow in the room even with added seats. 


When you walk into any furniture space, the first question is, ‘What is your budget?’ With a budget, you can narrow down your options. The price of your dining table has a lot to do with its size, material, and usability. How much you spend influences the kind of dining table you get. A mahogany dining table will be different from a glass or marble one. Always lead with your budget when choosing a new dining table for your family. 

Family needs 

The dining room table is a versatile furniture piece in the home. Apart from laying out meals, the table can act as a working space. If you bring work with you at home or children use it for homework, you will need to consider the possibility of staining or scratching. As you select the material, ensure you go with something that is scratch resistant or scratch proof it. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a new dining table for the family is a big decision. It is not just furniture that will adorn your space but something that could change your dining experience. The question of how depends on how well you make a choice. Using the above factors, you can weigh in on the dining table that best suits your family and their needs. 

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