3 Upholstery Cleaning Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Do you know what’s the dirtiest part of the house? Surprisingly, the upholstery furniture. The dirty upholstery furniture harbors millions of bacteria, germs, and upholstery allergens. These bacteria, germs, and upholstery allergens are not good for your health and wellness. Therefore, cleaning upholstery furniture is more important than cleaning the house.

Most of the time the upholstery furniture is neglected because it’s a bit difficult and a bit trickier to clean. Most people believe cleaning ruins upholstery furniture. To not end up ruining our overly loved upholstery furniture, we choose to avoid it. For the record, cleaning does not ruin upholstery furniture. You just have to clean it properly. 

Upholstery furniture cleaning tips and mistakes to avoid

Upholstery Cleaning


Starting with the life-changing upholstery furniture cleaning tips;

  • Vacuum as frequently as you can
  • Treat the stains and spills immediately
  • Clean as per the care label

Vacuum as frequently as you can

If you do not want to do much yet clean and maintain your upholstery furniture, vacuum regularly. Vacuuming would not hurt the furniture, it would rather not allow the dirt to build up and ruin the upholstery furniture. However commercial cleaning services in Clarksville Tn can help.  How many times a week upholstery furniture should be vacuumed depends on the frequency of use. If the upholstery furniture is used rarely, once a week. However, if it is used frequently, vacuum it twice to keep it clean.

Treat the stains and spills immediately

Treat the stains immediately. Otherwise, they would get tougher to remove. While cleaning the upholstery furniture, have a degree of protection from absorption. The spill should not be ignored at all as well. If any spill happens, be quick in blotting it up with the cloth. Your goal at that moment should be to absorb the maximum amount of liquid in the cloth and not let the upholstery furniture absorb much liquid. 

Clean as per the care label

The upholstery furniture comes with a detailed care label. To not end up ruining your upholstery furniture, you have to read and follow the care label properly. 

Cleaning mistakes to avoid

Most people don’t bother to read the care label, they clean the upholstery furniture the same way as other furniture items. Here are the common mistakes people make that you should avoid while cleaning the upholstery furniture;

  • Scrubbing
  • Using bleach-based products
  • Using heat


Most people have a habit of scrubbing stains. Scrubbing works for many things but not upholstery furniture. Scrubbing drives the stain deeper into the upholstery furniture, blotting is what you have to do instead.

Using bleach-based products

Bleach is a harsh cleaning agent. It’s a big no-no for upholstery furniture. So, avoid using bleach and ammonia-based cleaning solutions as otherwise, you will end up causing discoloration and further damage to the upholstery furniture.

Using heat

Steam is a great way to clean and disinfect many types of furniture. It can only work on some kinds of upholstery furniture, not on the silk or blended fabric. Therefore, you should not use heat on your upholstery furniture unless it is suggested by the manufacturer. 

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