4 Woodworking Tips from a Custom Cabinet Maker

Are you planning to start your custom cabinet maker journey? Congratulations! You finally have become capable of serving as a custom cabinet maker and earning a livelihood. The job would be hectic at the start, however, you would surely be a pro in a short time.

What you should do at the moment is take advice from expert custom cabinet markers, implement it into your work, and upgrade your skills. Not sure who to ask? You do not have to ask anyone. Here are the 4 life-changing custom woodworking tips from custom cabinet makers across the globe;

  • Use tape to make your job easy
  • Use hot glue to hold lightweight items 
  • Create a perfect stain color by mixing artist and oil-based paints
  • You do not necessarily need a compass for a curved arc

Use tape to make your job easyCustom Cabinet

Have you ever shadowed a custom cabinet maker? If you have, you might have found a bunch of tapes in their valuables. They consider tape the custom cabinet maker’s weapon. Therefore, you have to think and do the same. Have tape in your valuables and use it to make your life as a custom cabinet maker easy. 

You can use the tape for many purposes. However, the major purposes are stopping the glue from oozing between the joints and marking a level spot. So whenever you would have to glue two pieces together, clamp them together and run tape along the joint. Cut down the pieces on the tape and separate them, and glue them. The glue would ooze not into the wood but the tape. Marking the level spot with tape isn’t hard, all you have to do is apply the tape to the measured level spot and get better results without any hassle.

Use hot glue to hold lightweight items

Hot glue is another custom cabinet maker’s secret weapon. However, it is not as multifunctional as the tape. You need to have hot glue as well and learn to use it to hold lightweight items. For example, instead of going for a complex solution, you can use hot glue to hold a placeholder. The hot glue does not just hold the lightweight item well but makes popping off hassle-free as well. 

Create a perfect stain color by mixing artist and oil-based paints

Most newbies struggle with creating a perfect stain. There are some solid chances if you do not mix the artist and the oil-based paints you would struggle as well. Therefore, learn to mix the artist and oil-based paint and create a perfect stain out of it. This trick would help you achieve perfect results in a short time. 

You do not necessarily need a compass for a curved arc

Compass is not the only way of making a perfect arc. If you do not understand the art of using a compass, you can use the round objects for these purposes as well. Custom cabinet makers across the globe use CDs, cans, tins, and even plastic lids to make a worth-admiring curved arc.

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