5 Carpet Cleaning Hacks That Can Save Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning is tricky and a bit risky. If it is not cleaned the way it should be cleaned, the carpet will be ruined. Since most of us do not know how to do it properly, we prefer handing over the job to professionals. However, handing over the job to a professional is not economical at all. Therefore, the best option is to do it yourself but the right way. We all know the basic carpet cleaning method, if you have got a carpet to clean here are the 5 hacks that you can try to clean and save the carpet at the same time; 

  • Treat the stains first
  • Get rid of pet hair, crumbs, and curds
  • Vacuum thoroughly 
  • Use a DIY cleaner and a deodorizer 
  • Never rub

Treat The Stains First

Treat The Stains First

Whether the stains are harder or easier to clean, you have to treat them first. The trickiest part of cleaning the carpet is treating the stains, therefore, get done with it when you have the energy to do it. Keep in mind that, the carpets can have all kinds of stains. Each stain demand a different treatment, better identify the type of stain first to figure out what’s the right treatment.

Get Rid of Pet Hair, Crumbs, And Curds

The carpets do not just have stains, unfortunately, they have pet hair, crumbs, and curds as well. Getting rid of pet hair, crumbs, and curds is just as tricky and important to remove as the stains. You can pick up the crumbs and curds using a lint roller. Whereas, the pet hair can be eliminated using a squeegee. Yes, the same squeegee that is intended to be for the windows. It works wonders in eliminating pet hair from carpet fibers.

Vacuum thoroughly

One can not emphasize enough the importance of vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. Vacuuming is necessary to remove the soil and dirt that damages the carpet fiber. Besides vacuuming the carpet on a thorough cleaning day, vacuum as often as you can to save the carpet. 

Use a DIY cleaner and a deodorizer

If the carpet is not that dirty, avoid using harsh chemical cleaners and deodorizers. You can combine a few kitchen ingredients and make a highly effective DIY cleaner and deodorizer. The ready-made cleaners and the deodorizer should only be used when the carpet is exceptionally dirty or when the DIY solutions are not helping you out. 

Never rub

Careless rubbing is often the reason most carpets get ruined after cleaning. Rubbing is a big no-no because it spreads stains or dirt to the entire carpet. Whereas, blotting is one sure way of waving goodbye to the stain without spreading it to the whole area. Therefore, to save your carpet you have to avoid rubbing your carpet while cleaning. Blot clean the carpet away instead.

Other than that, avoid using alcoholic solutions, vacuum more often to not let the dirt build up in the carpet fiber, and always read, and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to clean your carpet without ruining it.

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