5 Hacks For Living That Coliving Suggests

Coliving has a lot of benefits. An established household is one of the things that can make life very easy for you. However, not every household is familiar and comfortable. Therefore, there are many possibilities on how to make your living more pleasant, not only for yourself but also for your colivers. We can tell you about some very important things which will definitely help you live more comfortably in your coliving space.

Select a sofa bed, not a regular bed

The regular bed takes up a lot of space, and you can use it only for sleeping or some other things, but if you select a sofa bed, your bedroom can be transformed in a minute into a regular living room. You can use your sofa as the bed, and each morning, you can turn it into a living room, so if you bring some friends directly from work, they don’t meet a bedroom but your personal living room. If you have a small conference table, it can be beneficial. Simply put, in your coliving space, you can create your own private living room.

Use board on your fridge or wall

The sheet on your wall can help every coliver with various things. There, you can write the general grocery that needs to be bought and share the main problems of the coliving space. Time-schedule of the bathroom. The main events of the household. Birthday of each coliver. Daily note for the entire colivers, etc. Board is the best friend of all coliving spaces. Believe us.

Buy a modified table

Of course, it depends on the size of your apartment, but the tremendous thing in the coliving space is the modified table in the living room. With a modified table, you can change the size and height, and of course, you can use it as your standard conference table or eating table for each coliver. A modified table is handy, and you definitely will love it if you give this tweak a chance.

Put your working table on the hinge

If you are a student or working person, you definitely need to have some kind of working table. Of course, you can use the standard type, but if you want to have more space in your own private room, you can have a hinged working table and use it in two ways.

At the bottom of the table can be a mirror, and the top can be a regular table. It is a very wise tweak because when you aren’t working, you can lift the table on the hinges up and have a mirror. If you need to work, you just put the hinges down, and you have a regular working table. Easy-peasy.

Make from your mirror a secret place

If you have a place on your wall with a mirror, you can also use it very wisely. You can put the mirror on your wall, and behind the mirror, you can have your own personal space. You can put an ironing board there, some clothes and personal things. You can have your own secret place behind the mirror, and this is something very special in coliving spaces. It requires just a small piece of space on the wall. Just a few inches.

On the internet, you can find other clever tweaks that you can use in your room or in the whole apartment, which can help save space and improve the entire household. Remember, more space means more energy and more positive feelings. Maybe this is the thing that you can talk about in your next tenants’ meeting.

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