6 Instances You Should Use a Rhode Island Landscape Architect

Rhode Island landscape architects are a very important part of many societies and areas. This is because they play a huge role in designing outdoor landscapes such as parks, pools, cemeteries, campuses, and residential developments. They are a huge part of the creation and design of our communities. 

Landscape architects and landscape designers are a bit different from each other as landscape architects work on more complex and bigger projects than landscape designers do. Landscape architects also work with construction companies and other companies to complete projects. Let’s look into a few different scenarios where you may need to hire a landscape architect. 

When Should A Rhode Island Landscape Architect Be Used?

Rhode Island Landscape Architect

Here’s a list of a few different reasons why you may want to use a landscape architect. There are other instances where you may want to use them, but these are by far the most common and popular instances to use one for landscaping.

  • You have plans to build a park/garden/pool

Landscape architects work with larger-scale projects such as gardens and parks. These larger-scale projects are best done by Rhode Island landscape architects because they work with larger areas of land and they see the full potential of the land available for the project. They work with cities to create parks, as well as with residential owners to create pools for their personal use. 

  • You’re building a custom home. 

When it comes to building your home you might consider everything from the color of your front door to the tiles inside of your shower. One thing that is commonly overlooked is the outdoor area of a newly built home. A Rhode Island landscape architect is great at visualizing a plan for the available land around a home. They will partner with the homeowners to gain a sense of what they want so they can execute it.

  • If there is a need for a new road/highway. 

If there is a need for a new road or highway then landscape architects are great at visualizing and planning the area where the road will go. They can see the big picture when it comes to traffic and the available land. They also are experts at knowing where exactly the road material can go and where it can’t go. 

  • A new business building is being considered.

If you are a business owner or if you’re a part of the city and there is a new business coming, then you’ll have to plan for this building. Landscape architects can help with figuring out the best plot of land to place the business on and they will also design any drive-thrus, parking, shrubbery, and any other outdoor part of the business. 

  • If there is a need for a body of water. 

Landscape architects work not only with gardens and plants but also work with bodies of water. This means man-made lakes, residential pools, community pools, splash pads, and any other water system needed. They are great at identifying places for them to go while making sure the land is possible to build on and into. 

  • Issues with land or an area.

Rhode Island landscape architects are great at determining whether or not a piece of land is viable for gardens, businesses, parks, or any other outdoor area. They can inspect the land and come up with what they can use the land for. They can also come to inspect the land before making plans of building on it just to ensure that the land can sustain the idea. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Rhode Island Landscape Architect?

Landscape architects are a great person to contact if you have plans to do any residential homes, outdoor playgrounds or parks, gardens, pools, or any outdoor area. They specialize in planning out areas for campuses, playgrounds, pools, gardens, residential areas, businesses, and other public spaces. They also plan walkways, highways, roads, shrubs, gardens, and trees. Landscape architects are your high-hand men/women for planning and designing any larger outdoor space. They can take a plain section of grass and turn it into the next best city park. 

What’s The Difference Between A Landscape Architect And A Landscape Designer?

Landscape designers do not need to have a degree or any certification, however, landscape architects do. Landscape designers work more closely with smaller residential projects such as transforming your front or backyard. Landscape architects work more closely with larger projects or projects that are funded by the state or city. They do work with residential properties as well but usually for more complex designs such as pools and gardens. 

Hiring Rhode Island Landscape Architects

When it comes to Rhode Island landscape architects they are the main people you should call when working on any large outdoor area. They are the perfect team to call if you are looking to have a pool, garden, playground, or residential area made in your city. They work closest with the state and city to ensure the process is taken care of. They do everything from inspecting the land to designing the space and helping execute the project. They are also great if you want to make sure the land that you’re planning to use is suitable for what you want it used for. 

Remember never to do any outdoor designing and remodeling without the help of a landscape architect. Overall, hiring Rhode Island landscape architects is a great idea if you have anything you need to be done with a large outdoor space.


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