7 easy ways to declutter your home

When you have kids in the house, it becomes impossible to find any place for yourself where you can space out and have some peace. You will find Toys, books, and colors taking over your kitchen counter, which is already cramped with its own stuff. On top of that, unwanted stuff and clutter in your house are cramming the much-needed space. 

While you cannot do anything for all the mess your kids create because it will take time before they learn to be more organized, you can surely do something about the clutter. 

For many people, clutter is a big distraction and kills their focus. They cannot work if they have things lying around them. Their mind carelessly wanders and think about stuff in the overflowing drawers and cupboards. 

Today, we will share some easy ways and tips to cut the clutter in your house and make it look more spacious, airy, and worth living. Keep reading to know everything.

In the house, you have a lot of things that you are not using currently, but they are cluttering your house. For instance, a couch you bought in the sale, extra bed linens, blankets, kitchen appliances, etc. You will use this stuff in the future, but not now. The more stuff you have, the more effort it will take to look after it, and save it from extreme weather, humidity, heat, etc.


Leaving your belongings unattended is like asking for harm if you live in a place such as Kelowna, where the temperature is hot and humid. In a place like this, you can rent a temperature-controlled storage unit to keep your stuff safe until you need it. Kelowna residents can opt for the local kelowna self storage facility for storing their precious belongings. You can do the similar thing if you live in a state or city which has extreme weather conditions.

  • Purge your house

Once you have removed all the essential but extra stuff and sent it off to the storage unit, the next step is to purge your house deeply. Go from one room to another, open the drawers and closets, and remove anything that no longer works for you. 

Old clothes, shoes, makeup, broken headphones and earphones, broken toys, malfunctioning appliances, etc., are some things every house hides. These things add no significance to your life except for taking space.

  • Contact a charity

After you purge your house, you will find things that have no value for you but can help others. For instance, your and your kids’ old clothes and toys might not be needed in the house, but these things can help orphan kids and people living in charity homes. 

Contact your community donation center and let them know about your stuff. The staff will happily oblige and get the stuff from your doorstep. If you personally know a charity contact them too.

  • Organize a yard sale

Decluttering your house gives you an excellent chance to make some money from things that were considered useless. Even after sending stuff to the charity and putting a lot of it in storage, you will still have things to sell. Old books, old branded shoes, designer clothes, etc., are things you can sell to others in a yard sale. These things can get you real money if you can attract people who know their value. 

  • Use your wall space for storing things

Often we clutter the house because we don’t use the available space wisely. One of those places that can manage a lot of your stuff is your walls. So for decluttering your house, optimize your wall space. 

In the kitchen, you can mount a rack for pots and pans; in the toilet, fix a toiletry cabinet; and in the hallway, stick some hooks for coats and scarves. These small accessories will considerably reduce the clutter by managing stuff that might otherwise create disorder in your house.

A word of caution: When optimizing wall space, don’t add too much stuff as it can do the opposite and make your house look more cluttered and messy. 

  • Label whenever and wherever you can 

One thing we don’t do very often is to label our stuff. It might be because we think it will take much of our time. Whatever the reason, the point is that you must do it as often as you can. Label your boxes and containers with the content they keep. 

Labeling will help you save time when you won’t be required to empty multiple boxes while looking for something. When all your storage boxes and containers are labeled, you will directly reach out to the right one to get what you need. Even under stressful and time-constrained situations, you won’t miss a beat while finding stuff.

  • Treat decluttering as a regular process

Decluttering is not a one-time activity; you must have a dedicated approach. You cannot declutter your house and forget about it for years. Make routine decluttering a part of your daily routine. For instance, don’t leave your room in the morning until your bed is made and clothes are slung on hooks. Also, make a pile of dirty plates and glasses for taking to the kitchen. 

Repeat the same process in other parts of the house. Remove the empty detergent and dishwasher bottles periodically, and put the old clothes in the laundry and shoes in the shoe rack. Also, have bins where you can collect things you want to give to charity, sell in the yard sale, or get rid of completely. Once these boxes are filled, you can attend to them. 


In the house, you have a lot of things that are no longer being used but are still cramping your cupboards and drawers. The above-mentioned article outlines some tips to manage this extra stuff and declutter your house. Even sticking to a few will help you make your house look expansive and lively. 

Hope this article is of great help to you.

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