7 Tips For Tanzania-Safari First-Timers

Tanzania is nothing short of heaven on earth for wildlife enthusiasts. If you are getting ready to go for your first Tanzania safari tour, you need to be prepared and equipped with all the tips to have a lasting, memorable experience.

Tanzania is the second-largest country in East Africa providing a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience. First-time Tanzania Safari-goers may feel like stepping into the unknown, not knowing what to do and how to prepare.

7 Tips For Tanzania-Safari First-Timers

Tanzania is brimming with wildlife, therefore, an ideal location for first-time visitors. It offers the best safari experience on the entire East African continent.

Want to make the most out of your safari trip? Here’s what you need to know before setting off into wild nature.

Pack All Necessities

Do not focus only on packing clothing and footwear instead take all necessities required by a person during a 5-7 days long safari trip. Pack light and only the right items as everyone gets a limited luggage space on the truck. There is no point in packing all clothing and belongings, leaving out all the necessities.

Pack breathable clothes, sunscreen, a first-aid kit, binoculars, a camera with a memory card and battery, a water bottle, a backpack, and comfortable footwear.

Dress Appropriately

A safari experience is incomplete without dressing appropriately for the wild world. It is recommended to wear clothes in the shades of green, khaki, and brown to blend in with the Tanzanian surrounding. During game drives, it does not matter what you wear and which color.

While taking walking tours, wear camouflage clothes to match the setting and not scare away animals with vibrant colors. Wear light and breathable clothes as it can get scorching in Tanzania.

Wake Up Early

The best time to spot animals and the big five is during the morning and evening hours. Animals look for shade to save themselves from the burning African sun. Therefore, you will most likely not spot any wild beings when it gets too hot. Most safari organizers only take tourists on drives during the cool morning and evening hours.

Take Care of Your Health

Tanzania is unbearably hot during the peak hours, therefore, most people fall sick due to the change in environment and surroundings. Stay indoors during peak hours, drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen, and do not skip meals to get through the trip without falling ill.

Do Not Yell

Remember the animals are not captivated and domesticated, therefore, curb the urge to yell, jump, or show any kind of excitement. It is not a zoo, instead, you are a guest in these animals’ natural habitat, therefore, do not act in a way that invites them to attack you.

Carry Binoculars

A pair of Binoculars are essential for enhancing your overall safari experience. It expands your view and lets you see big and fast animals from a distance. Without the handy binoculars, you will miss out on seeing aesthetic bird species.

Keep the Camera Ready

Keep the camera ready during the drive as you never know when an animal shows up. Often, animals quickly disappear into their surroundings, therefore, be prepared and have the camera ready to capture the perfect moment.

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