A Complete Guide To LED Bay Lights For Home And Commercial

Do you want to replace your traditional Home fluorescent bulbs with something that is more efficient and consumes lesser energy? Do you want to brighten up your larger area with a powerful light source?

LED bay lights are a perfect and modern solution for all of your problems related to electric supplies. These bay lights are more energy-efficient, and durable, and last longer than ordinary bulbs and lamps. These lights can be used commonly in warehouses, storage rooms, furniture rooms, recreational areas, gyms, and households. These lights can be used anywhere at a distance of 20 feet or more. Its clear and uniform lighting effects have outdated the regular fluorescent bulbs and tube lights. More Detail

LED bay lights


  • Energy-saving: Replace your 300 HPS bulb with an energy-efficient 150W LED bay light. Energy-saving is a vital feature of LED lights. This will reduce your energy consumption which ultimately results in reducing your electric bills. Several high-profile companies make use of these LED lights to maintain their energy cost. When paired with a suitable sensor, energy saving can be increased more up to 80%. Moreover, governmental regulations emphasize the use of LED bay lights due to their energy-efficient features.

  • Color: LED bay lights come in a day white color with an output of 15750 lm. The aluminum reflectors used in these bay lights create a clear and uniform effect that illuminates the object lying directly under it. The color temperature of 6000 K keeps the environment cool and creates a serene environment. This daylight white color keeps the working environment more active and proficient.

  • Life span and temperature stability: These waterproof LED bay lights have a longer life expectancy and are 10 times more durable as compared to ordinary lights. It requires 0.5s to start-up and thus it doesn’t need to warm-up. Lepro provides a warranty of three years for their lights. These LED bay lights are lesser prone to damage as well and thus require little to no regular maintenance. There are minimum chances of light failure. The heat dissipation mechanism in these lights allows it to emit virtually no heat. Thus it helps in maintaining the temperature without causing additional heat.

  • Light stability and sight advantage: Unlike ordinary tealights and bulbs, these LED bay lights don’t vibrate and buzz. These lights provide stable light and don’t warm up like fluorescent bulbs. The even distribution of light in these lights helps in a steady focus on work. These lights can be helpful in the study area where there is an intense need for constant and steady power supply because the light produced in them don’t irritate. These lights provide additional sight advantages in other areas as well such as in workshops and mechanical industries.

  • Environment friendly: These lights don’t contain harmful constituents such as mercury. These LED bay lights are free of carbon-emitting pollutants. These IP65 lights are safe to use as these are waterproof and don’t cause electric shocks. These high power LED bay lights to have an input voltage of 100-240 V AC. The aluminum caste used makes it scratch and fade resistant. Choosing the right location for installation can provide better results by lighting up the whole area uniformly with minimum wastage of energy. 

How To Effectively Use The LED Bay Lights

  1. These lights require professional help for installation in a commercial area. But can be installed easily at home or smaller scale by carefully following the instructions mentioned in the manual. 
  2. Make sure the power is down before installation. 
  3. Use the voltage provided in packaging for better Home performance. 
  4. First of all, complete the lightening part and driver connection and then move on to other systems. 
  5. In the final stage, connect the light to the power system.

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