Are Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets In Fashion Again

Did you know that the cost of interior décor is sharply on the rise? Homeowners and designers everywhere are now looking for ways to cut costs while designing various types of interiors.

In this respect, natural design elements like wood and stone, design features typical of the 80s and 90s are now back in style and more fashionable than ever, reason? They are less expensive, functional, and durable, compared to contemporary materials. 

Natural wood kitchen cabinets top the list of natural design elements that designers and homeowners are currently going for. In this article, you will discover more about cabinets made of raw wood. 

Read on to find out their features and why they are the best for your planned kitchen remodel. 

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Explained

From chairs to tables, wardrobes, and cabinets, wood has been the design material for different types of furniture from time immemorial. Natural wood varieties like oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, teak, cherry, and alder are the most commonly used for kitchen furniture. They are known to add warmth, functionality, and a natural ambience to a scullery. 

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Below are the main features that define natural wood kitchen cabinets.

  • Strength

Compared to drawers designed with artificial materials cabinets made of raw wood are tough and heavyweight. They can easily withstand tear and wear regardless of the traffic in the interior in which they have been installed. Their strength makes them attractive in terms of durability.

  • Dark Hue

Natural wood is not only strong and heavyweight but also looks darkish. Whether their shade is brownish, reddish, or greyish, the shade of natural wood kitchen cabinets is always accompanied by a darker hue that makes them easy to take care of in terms of maintenance. 

  • Varieties 

Cabinets designed with raw wood are versatile in terms of design features. Whether you prefer wall, base, tall-standing, or even stock cabinets, you will always find designs made of hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry. Regardless of the type of interior you want to install them in, it is easier to find designs that will help you achieve your goals 

Are Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Trending?

As natural design elements are establishing their place in contemporary interior design, natural wood cabinets, the top trends of the 80s and 90s, have made a major comeback. As opposed to the vintage designs, newer varieties come with sophisticated features that make them look stylish, and so, very popular. 

Below are the reasons why drawers made of natural wood are trending. 

#4: Beauty and Glamour 

Cabinetries made of natural wood have a classic and bold look that looks beautiful and charming. Whether you pair them with contemporary luxurious implements or install them in a colourful scullery, natural wood kitchen cabinets will always look beautiful and glamorous, thanks to the simplicity and neutrality of their bare wood tones. 


Because of their dark shade, natural wood kitchen cabinets can absorb heat to make a kitchen warm and lively or cosy. In addition, their dark tone enables them to hide dirt particles, scratches, and spills. Hence, if you want cabinetries that are easy to maintain, natural wood cupboards should be your choice. 

#2: Simplicity

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are very simple in terms of design elements. Because of their classic background, they come with simple decorative features, which are mostly natural-based materials. Because of their simplicity, you can pair them with all kinds of colors or install them in any type of interior. 

#1: Durability

Because of their unmatched strength, kitchen cabinets made of raw wood are very durable. Depending on how frequently you use them, your natural wood cabinets can last a lifetime without getting their outlook and functionality tainted. 

 Trending Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

  • Natural Wood Cabinets with Natural Stones Countertops

If you want to enhance the outlook of any natural wood cabinet, installing natural stone can help you achieve your design goals. Whether you opt for quartz or granite countertops, your cabinetries will have a tranquil look that is not only all-natural but also trendy. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets Blended with Nature

You can bring natural plants or herbs into your scullery to enhance the outlook of your natural wood kitchen cabinets. The lush greenish look of fresh plants and herbs can blend with the darkish hue on the cabinetry to enhance color contrast while making the cooking area look natural. 

  • Modern Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Unlike vintage designs, modern natural wood cabinets come with ultra-modern fixtures like stainless steel or golden appliances, which make them, look attractive. They also come in numerous varieties, from closed and opened-door to shaker-styled and speciality varieties. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets in Open Kitchens

Because of their dark properties, natural wood cabinets have proved to be the perfect in open plan kitchen design, one of the most popular modern kitchen designs. When installed in a scullery with an open layout, natural cabinets gain an inviting look that is attractive and charming. 

Types of Woods used on Natural Cabinets

As already mentioned, the types of woods commonly used to design cabinets include oak, maple, cherry, walnut and mahogany. In this section, I have explained more about these types of wood. 

Oak: This type of hardwood has a beige look that is marked by a red-brown pigment. It is strong and highly resistant to fungal attacks. 

Maple: Known as one of the hardest wood species, maple is the type of wood that is mostly used for cabinetries. It has known for its unique grain pattern and light-cream hue that gains a darkened appearance after prolonged use. 

Mahogany: The reddish-brown pigment of this hardwood makes it perfect for all kinds of cabinetries. It is soft-grained, very durable and extremely rot-resistant. 

Cherry: Known as a premium domestic wood, cherry has a warm tone that is projected by blonde to reddish-brown hues. It is soft-grained, smooth-textured, and shock-resistant. 

Where Can I Find Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets? 

Compared to types of furniture made of laminate materials, natural wood kitchen cabinets are the easiest to find, from land-based furniture stores to online shopping sites. Online reviews can help you locate where to find the best designs at favourable pricing. However, you must take note of the following before and while making purchases. 

  • Available space in your kitchen
  • Your kitchen design 
  • Your budget and cabinetry price
  • Material quality

Final Thoughts 

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are in fashion. Besides their compatibility with different types of kitchens, they can be paired with different kinds of kitchenware, a fact that makes them popular in modern interior design. 

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