Black Shaker Cabinets Create Stylish Kitchen New Look


Are you tired of your current kitchen outlook? Change is inevitable and you should always plan for it.

If your kitchen is dull, a few fun things in the kitchen could keep it bright.

We have some great tiny ideas that you can use to brighten your kitchen space even when you have black shaker cabinets.

Add LED Bulbs Under Cabinetry 

A dull room needs more light to keep it bright. If you can’t afford to tear down the walls and create more natural lighting space, you should invest in LED light fixtures.

If you have black shaker cabinets, under-cabinetry lighting would help you create an amazing aesthetic effect. They are also great for functionality as they illuminate the items in the cabinets.

Add a Chandelier on Top of The Kitchen Island 

Adding a chandelier to your kitchen is an amazing idea that can help you improve the look of your kitchen. The best place to add it is on top of the kitchen island. Just like the LED light bulbs, the chandelier will serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in your kitchen.

Add Some Music 

Have you ever considered installing a music system in your kitchen? Well, it isn’t a popular thing to do yet among the things that can spice up your kitchen.

Since you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you can add a music system that will allow you to enjoy your taste in music while cooking in the kitchen.

Create Space For Your Family and Friends

Another way of keeping your kitchen lively is by creating a social space for family and friends in the kitchen. There are many things you can do to create a social space. For example, you can try the kitchen island or have a corner with some unique seating for friends.

This idea requires a bit of expertise from an experienced designer to get the best out of it. Your social space should match the black shaker cabinets that you have installed. Your kitchen needs theme harmony for it to be unique.

Play With Colors 

You can brighten your kitchen space by playing with colors. Think about bright colors that reflect light as your ideal source of excitement. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t install black shaker cabinets because they are dull. Even dull colors work well to create an exciting mood in the kitchen.

Final thoughts:

The trick is to ensure that your kitchen space is lively. You can add other creative ideas that will help you to make your kitchen space brighter than it is.

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