Common Kitchen Floor Plans and Shapes

Are you struggling to find the right floor plan or shapes for your kitchen? You’re not alone; many homeowners often end up with boring floor plans simply because they don’t know the options they have.

We’ve created a list of common kitchen floor plans and shapes that you can borrow ideas from to start the process of kitchen remodeling.

Galley kitchen 

This is a type of kitchen floor plan that has a thin corridor surrounded by two walls. Everything in the kitchen will be embedded within the two walls. This idea is somewhat old when the kitchen was tucked away for the function of cooking and closed off to guests.

It is an idea that you can use in modern homes if you have small usable square footage in your kitchen. If there is more space, you could even install farmhouse kitchen cabinets and make the galley kitchen more efficient. Therefore, consider this kitchen floor design ideal for saving space.

Single wall kitchen 

This floor design has a single wall where everything in the kitchen is housed. It is the opposite of a galley kitchen that has two walls. It is also a great floor idea for homes with limited floor space. You’ll often find this idea in condos and apartments.

It is also a great idea for large kitchen spaces that need more room for entertainment. Therefore, if you want to keep yourself entertained, consider this approach.

L-shaped kitchen 

True to its name, L-shaped kitchens have two perpendicular walls that merge to form the shape of the letter L. It is a popular design because it creates a good distance between the gas range and the refrigerator.

The L-shaped kitchen can also accommodate farmhouse kitchen cabinets among other traditional cabinets. It can fit in a small or large kitchen space. It is desirable in a large kitchen space because of the extra room it creates for movement.

U-shaped kitchen 

You will need three dedicated walls that will help you to create the space. It is a spacious layout option that is ideal for homeowners that want to install farmhouse kitchen cabinetsYou might need an additional island created at the center of the room for more seating.

All these ideas are great and you will have to consider what suits your kitchen space. You can check these ideas online to get a feel of what they look like.

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