Design Facts About Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets

Several options of kitchen cabinets are available for your use when remodeling your kitchen space. But just before you make that final decision, it is crucial that you get it right because that decision will impact the rest of the house.

So, what kind of kitchen cabinets are ideal for a kitchen space? Honestly, any type can be ideal when you consider all the kitchen remodeling factors. However, some top options like traditional white kitchen cabinets have stood the test of time as preferred kitchen cabinetry units for many homeowners. Therefore, this is an option that you can always consider when you want to start any kitchen remodeling project.

The Design of Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets

There are two primary considerations that influence the design of traditional white kitchen cabinets i.e. the concept and color.

Traditional Concept

Traditional cabinetry follows a refined design concept that features the use of rich and deep wood tones like cherry and mahogany to create easy edges and slopes. They contrast with modern design aspects that have sharper edges.

Other features like the use of granite countertops, cabinets without glasses, and the use of natural hardwood materials are also used to define traditional cabinets.

The White Color

The most popular kitchen color is white. It has been popular for quite a long time amongst many homeowners, thus, making it simple to associate traditional white kitchen cabinets with timelessness. There are many benefits that you can get for using the color white – we’ll explore these benefits here.

Unique benefits of traditional white kitchen cabinets

Timeless Appeal 

Do you want to invest in kitchen cabinets that will be termed as out of trend within a few years? This is a risk that you take when you deviate from the features of traditional white cabinetry. It is a fact that traditional white kitchen cabinets have a timeless appeal. This means that they will always remain relevant in a kitchen space.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about emerging trends for your choice would be a permanent trend if you choose traditional white cabinetry.

Feels More Hygienic 

When you want to enhance the perception of a cleaner kitchen space, white cabinetry can help you achieve this. It is a special color that is associated with cleanliness. A kitchen with white cabinets is likely to pass out as a hygienic one compared to one with cabinets of other colors.

Furthermore, white is also a color scheme that compels you to make your kitchen clean. Think about it, you will always see dirt appearing on the surfaces of the cabinets, thus wiping them out. This makes your kitchen clean all the time.

Neutral and Versatile 

The design of your kitchen space is an important consideration when choosing the concept and color of your kitchen cabinets. Choosing traditional white kitchen cabinets is an ideal option for many homeowners because of their neutrality and versatility. They can work in any kitchen setup and still create a magnificent look.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the existing theme and style of your kitchen when installing traditional white cabinetry.

They Accentuate Accessories and Texture

White cabinets are also great for kitchen spaces that have accessories that homeowners want to highlight. Such accessories or textures are highlighted well with white cabinetry. Since white is also receptive to multiple styles and designs, any kitchen highlight will stand out. Therefore, you should install traditional white cabinetry if you have kitchen items that you would want to showcase.

Makes The Kitchen Space Look Bigger 

Another unique benefit of white cabinetry is that it reflects light in the kitchen to make it look bigger than it is. You can call it perception but it works wonders for small kitchen spaces. It is a unique benefit that homeowners with small spaces in their kitchens enjoy. You can make the space look much bigger by adding more light fixtures.

Increases Home Value

Overall, the benefits of traditional white kitchen cabinets make the home value increase. Many people are attracted to white cabinets, thus, making it easy to sell a home installed with white cabinetry.

Even if you are not planning to sell your home, you can enjoy the financial benefits associated with traditional white cabinetry. For example, you can seek bank loans for development.

Are There Drawbacks to Traditional White Cabinets?

Of course, you can expect a few drawbacks from installing white cabinetry. Here are some of the associated drawbacks:

Too Common 

There is an argument that the use of white cabinetry is too common. It kills the uniqueness that most homeowners want to achieve in their kitchen spaces. However, this is just an opinion. There is a reason why they are too common – many people love them for the value that they provide to homeowners in their kitchen spaces.

Show Dirt Easily 

It is a fact that they also show dirt and scratches easily. You can hide these unwanted spots on the surfaces of white kitchen cabinets. It creates a problem for homeowners because they have to deal with constant cleaning or maintenance when there is dirt and scratches on the surfaces of white cabinets.

Fading is an Issue 

White fades pretty fast if not maintained well. Therefore, you will either need to maintain your cabinets by polishing them or live with faded cabinets, which interfere with the aesthetics of the kitchen space.

Cold and Sterile  

If you have a large kitchen space and install white cabinets, you risk your kitchen being cold and sterile. This is because white makes the room feel even bigger than it is, thus, creating a cold feeling.

Luckily, you can overcome this by installing warm light fixtures to keep the kitchen space warm. You can also use warm colors on other kitchen elements such as tiles, floors, or other kitchen equipment to reduce the cold effect of white cabinets.

Final Thoughts

Weighing the pros and cons of traditional white kitchen cabinets is quite easy. It is clear that there are more benefits than drawbacks to installing these cabinets. Therefore, you should consider them for your next remodeling project.


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