Five Reasons To Choose RTA Kitchen Cabinets For a Kitchen Remodel

Are you currently planning to redesign your pantry? If yes, then chances are high that you have pondered the question of whether to go for pre-assembled or RTA kitchen cabinets. When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, there’s arguably no difficult part as choosing cabinetries. 

In this article, however, I aim to simplify everything for you. I have compiled proven reasons why RTA cabinets outdo already-assembled cabinets. Read on!

About RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Generally speaking, the difference between RTA and pre-assembled kitchen cabinets is based not only on their construction but also on the way they are shipped. As far as their construction format is concerned, unlike pre-assembled drawers, RTA kitchen cabinets exist as separate parts or components, all of which must be put together only in the interior where they are supposed to be installed. 

Hence, whenever you buy RTA cabinets, sellers will always ship them to you as separate parts. Based on the features that make them different from pre-assembled cabinets, RTA cabinets stand out in terms of the following attributes. 

  • Cost Effectiveness

Regardless of where they are sold or their versatile and alluring design features, all RTA kitchen cabinet designs outdo pre-assembled cabinets in terms of cost-effectiveness. Simply because they come in unconstructed or unassembled format, these cabinetry models are easier to transport, a fact that justifies their globally revered pocket-friendly prices. 

Besides their cheap prices, RTA kitchen cabinets are easier to work with, more so regarding installation. With these drawers, customizing a kitchen interior can be astonishingly fun and affordable, thanks to their custom-built construction format or design. 

  • Convenience

Now that they are hot trends, RTA cabinet designs are being produced in masses. For this reason, accessing them is seamless and fun. These design features of these cabinetries, coupled with the fixtures they come with, make them exemplary convenient in terms of installation. 

Regardless of your level of experience in installing cabinetries, you can put together parts of any RTA kitchen cabinets. Considering their unparalleled flexibility, there’s a surety that RTA cabinets can offer you the opportunity to incline cabinet design with the visual design aspects of an interior. 

Reasons to Choose RTA Kitchen Cabinets

According to recent statistics by interior designers, 8 out of 10 modern homeowners are choosing RTA over pre-assembled cabinets for kitchen remodels. Based on the statistics, homeowners consider RTA kitchen cabinets valuable for five main reasons. Here are the reasons; 

#1: Unequaled Functional Benefits

As I already mentioned, RTA cabinets are amazingly convenient to use. Besides the fact that you can customize them according to your design choices during installation, RTA cabinets are worth your time and money based on their compatibility with all kitchen interior designs, from classic to post-modern fashion. 

In this regard, you can conveniently choose them to achieve your dream interior design, regardless of whether it’s classic or modern-style. Besides the fact that they can match both traditional and modern interior design fashion, RTA cabinets are astonishingly easier to outfit for you can effortlessly add to or remove their shelves depending on what you want them to look like. 

#2: Material Quality

Besides their abundant functional properties, you need to choose RTA kitchen cabinets for a kitchen remodel based on their high-end material quality. Generally speaking, RTA cabinets are modern-style cabinetry designs known for high-quality natural wood and fiber material. 

Considering their notable material quality, you can expect RTA cabinets to withstand the weight of tear and wear in your kitchen to the extent of earning you a good amount of money if you choose to resell them later on. 

#3: Ease of Access

RTA kitchen cabinets are among the types of drawer designs widely considered easier to find. Because they have been on trend for the last six years or so, these cabinetries are available in masses online and in brick-and-mortar furniture showrooms.

All you need to do to find your perfect match is consider the following; 

  • Your Preferences in Interior Design: Depending on your interior design choices, you can go for traditional-style, modern, or transitional-style RTA cabinets. Knowing your interior design preferences can also be help determine the RTA cabinet to choose in terms of color and material finish. 
  • Material Quality: Like all cabinetry designs, the longevity of RTA cabinet designs is to a large extent determined by the individual material qualities. Therefore, if you want to get access to the most durable and functional RTA cabinetry designs, always consider checking the quality of their material components. 
  • The Available Space Inside Your Kitchen: Besides your preferences in interior design and cabinetry material quality, you must beware of the exact size of the available space in your cookhouse to determine the perfect cabinets to go for in terms of size and shape. 

#4: Access to Modern Visual Design Aesthetics

Another reason to choose RTA kitchen cabinets is the fact that they come with modern-style design aesthetic features that make them transformative in any type of interior. Whether you are attracted to cabinetries with hardwood or metallic accessorized components, you will find your ideal designs markedly defined by enhanced outlooks courtesy of modern fashion. 

Typically, RTA cabinets are less ornamented but adorned with shiny-looking metallic fixtures and implements. Some come with glassed components, for example, clear or frosted glass doors, and others that eminently feature mixtures of artificial and natural materials. 

#5: Access to Unlimited Design Options

Different varieties of RTA kitchen cabinet designs, from vintage to post-modern fashion, are marked by unique features or attributes, all of which render them versatile. If you decide to buy RTA cabinets, therefore, you can never fail to find your ideal cabinet variety. Why? You will have lots of design choices to choose from. 

Final Thoughts

As the kitchen interior design industry continues to witness transformations, homeowners are continuously remodeling their pantries to meet contemporary fashion demands. Among the notable kitchen interior design décor materials of the 21st century, are RTA cabinets, types of cabinets that come in an un-assembled custom-built format. RTA kitchen cabinets are presently hotcakes because they are cheaper to acquire, convenient to use, cost-effective, durable, and versatile. 

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