Five Steps To Follow In Keeping Your Home Safe During Vacation

During summer, most Americans like to venture outside of their homes for days at a time. At the same time, many people forget the importance of keeping their homes safe and secure while they are gone. During a vacation, your home is most vulnerable to invaders and burglars. It is important to remember that keeping your home safe during vacation depends on the security measure installed in your home. Even a simple one will provide you with both peace of mind and complete protection for your home when you are out on vacation while at peace enjoying your serene time.

Here are some steps to follow when you decide to go on vacation.

Hold Your Mail

An Unopened pile of mail in your mailbox only suggests that you are away on vacation and gives potential intruders the opportunity to break into your home while you are away as you will be unaware of the intrusion.

Ask that your mail be held at the main post office or a neighbor’s house. This action keeps a stranger from knowing if you are on vacation and prevents a thief from finding your home’s location during your absence.

Deceive Potential Intruders


Making it look like you are home while you are out on vacation is another way of keeping your home safe during vacation. This can be achieved by timing your lights to go on during evening hours and signs of life visibly present even though you are gone.

Another way to do this is to ask your neighbor to park their vehicle outside your home. This is a helpful way to keep your home safe without worrying about intruders.

Ask Neighbors to Keep an Eye Out

It is a good idea to tell your neighbors about your vacation plans, especially if you are leaving for an extended period. They can significantly help keep an eye out for potential intruders and burglars. Plus, at the very least, they will be aware of your absence and can let you know if something unusual happens during your absence.

Avoid Social Media

Posting photos of yourself enjoying the vacation may be tempting. But, try as much as possible to avoid posting any pictures on any of your social platforms while still on your vacation since this might alert potential intruders of your whereabouts. This would only allow unknown intruders to break into your home while you are away.

Check locks on doors and windows

A simple way to keep your home safe during vacation is to check the locks on your doors and windows. Check the status of the locks and whether they are in working condition. If not, you should contact your residential locksmith services to replace every malfunctioning lock on doors and windows. This way, your home is protected from intruders and burglars while enjoying your vacation.

Essentially, the most critical thing in keeping your home safe during vacation is ensuring that your absence is not obvious. To achieve this, you can follow the steps above to help keep your home safe and sound while you enjoy yourself on your well-deserved break.

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