Free Furniture Removal: 4 Ways to Donate Your Stuff

Most homeowners are unaware that they can donate old, used furniture instead of disposing of it. As part of the decluttering process, most people throw away the couch, chairs, bed frames, and other furniture items. They do not realize that many other people in their community are in need of the basic things they have.

Luckily, there are many non-profit organizations that accept furniture donations and offer free pick-ups. Free furniture removal and helping underprivileged people, is a win-win situation for everyone. 

Free Furniture Removal: 4 Ways to Donate Your Stuff


Before you donate stuff, assess the condition of the furniture and whether or not it is usable. Any furniture item being donated got to have a certain amount of utility and only minor flaws. If it is still usable, do not hesitate to donate to charitable organizations.

By donating, the person will not only be preserving the environment but giving back to the community as well.

Furniture Donations Near Me 

If you have decided to donate, choose a non-profit organization based on location, convenience, and cause. It is better to choose local furniture donations that offer free pick-ups. Traveling with the old furniture items across cities for donation would be a huge waste of time and money. 

If you can not find furniture donations nearby, use Google for assistance, most likely, some smaller charities will come up.You can search ‘’ used furniture for sale’’. Research, contact different charities, and donate.

Well-Known Donation Charities 

The following charities will accept furniture items and may offer furniture donation pick-ups depending on the location

  • Salvation Army – It is quite common to find a Salvation Army family store locally. They operate throughout the country and use the proceeds from donated furniture to fund rehab centers.
  • Goodwill – This organization has numerous stores and accepts furniture items in good condition. It sells donated items in its stores and uses the money to help people with no jobs, disabilities, and government support recipients.
  • Habitat for Humanity – Founded by former President Jimmy Carter, this charity is known for building affordable housing for the needy. Habitat for Humanity collects furniture and uses sale proceeds to build homes.
  • Donation Town – If you are unable to find a local thrift store, go to the Donation Town website, enter the zip code, and gather information about local donation resources.

Donate Used Furniture Online 

Fortunately, there are several free platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to give away furniture for free. Put up a free furniture ad and it will automatically target people near you to collect and pick up the furniture.

Donate Old Furniture in Person 

If no furniture donation pick-up is available nearby, donate the furniture in person. Schedule a pickup and drop it off at a nearby charity. Importantly, do not forget to get a receipt as furniture donation is tax deductible. Therefore, you will be needing a receipt to get tax relief.


It is wise to declutter and get rid of old furniture items from time to time. What other way to get rid of furniture than donating it to a local charity?

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