One of the most important factors when pairing paint colors with granite countertops is the dominant color in each. If one color is more predominant, it should be paired with a complementary color to help create a balance. For example, if the dominant color on your granite is blue, you would want to pair a green or yellow paint color with it to create a more even appearance. The brightness of each color is another factor to consider.

Granite countertops are popular for kitchen remodels because of their durability and natural beauty.

You can add a little bit of excitement of color to your kitchen countertops; pairing paint colors with granite is a great option. Granite is a versatile material that can have many different uses. And settings, so there’s sure to be a color scheme that works well with it. When choosing paint colors, think about the overall strategy you want to create and select Colors that will work harmoniously. Here are some tips.

  1. Start by choosing two or three main colors that will comprise most of your design.
  2. Then, choose a third accent color to complete the look. This can be used in small doses, as a bold accent on smaller areas, or as a pop of color throughout the room.
  3. Choose two shades of gray to add depth and dimension to your space.

    A large kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets

Pairing paint colors with granite countertops:

If you’re considering updating your kitchen with granite countertops, one of the first things you’ll need Choosing paint as a good place to start. Color: While any color can work with granite; some colors are better suited than others. Here are a few tips for pairing paint colors with granite countertops:

  1. Stick to neutrals like black, white, beige, and grey. These colors will help to showcase the natural beauty of the granite countertops.
  2. A pop of color can be added. Go with shades of blue or green. These colors pair well with both light and dark granite countertops.
  3. Avoid bright reds and oranges, as they can clash with the natural tones of the granite.
  4. Choose a complementary color for your cabinets and trim. This will help to create in your kitchen.

Colors that pair well with black granite:

Black granite is great for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and other home surfaces. It is a versatile color paired with many other colors to create different looks. Some colors that pair well with black granite are:

White is a popular choice for pairing with black granite. The two colors create a classic look that is both timeless and elegant. White cabinets, walls, and trim work well with black granite countertops and bathroom vanities.

Gray is another great color choice for pairing with black granite. It can create a modern or more traditional look, depending on the other elements in the room. Gray cabinets, walls, and trim work well with black granite countertops and bathroom vanities.

Colors that pair well with brown granite:

When it comes to colors that pair well with brown granite, there are a few standouts. Rich shades of green and blue can create a beautiful contrast against the brown tones in the granite. Try pairing it with lighter neutrals like cream or beige for a more subtle look. In terms of paint colors, these are some of our favorites to use with brown granite: 

Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter is a great option for those looking for a light gray color. It has a warm undertone that complements the granite countertops’ brown tones. Another great light gray choice is Sherwin Williams’ Mindful Gray. Try a different material if you’re looking for something with more warmth. Try Benjamin Moore’s Accessible Beige or Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster. These colors will help brighten the space and create a cozy feel.

Colors that pair well with gray granite:

Gray granite is a beautiful and versatile material that can be paired with various colors. Cool colors like blue and green are ideal for pairing with gray granite, as they create a relaxing and refreshing aesthetic. Warmer colors like red and orange can also be used but should be used sparingly to avoid creating a jarring contrast. Regarding paint colors, gray granite looks great with neutrals like white, black, and tan, as well as light pastels like lavender and baby blue.

Colors that pair well with white granite:

Are you considering granite countertops for your home? White granite is a great option if you are looking for a versatile surface that will pair well with many different paint colors. Some of the best paint colors are here to pair with white granite:

  1. Neutrals like beige, tan, and gray will create a classic look with your white granite countertops.
  2. Try adding a pop of color with bright shades like red, yellow, or blue.
  3. For a more subtle effect, choose muted tones like olive green or pale pink.
  4. No matter what color you choose, make sure it contrasts well with the lightness of the granite. Creating visual interest and making your kitchen stand out will help you achieve your desired look.


When deciding on a color scheme for your home, be sure to take into account the natural elements of your surroundings. You can’t go wrong with earth tones or cool neutrals with granite countertops. If you’re looking to add a pop of color, try using shades of blue or green that will complement the natural hues of the granite. As always, test out your color choices in small doses before making a final decision.

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