How to Clean Your Outdoor Trash Can?

The outdoor trash can needs as much attention as the dustbins in the house do. However, they often get neglected because cleaning trash cans is no fun activity and they don’t pollute the house environment with a bad odor. 

What most of us are failing to understand is that the dirty trash cans attract flies, maggots, mice, and rats that can raid your house as well. Therefore, trash can cleaning and maintaining the trash cans is super important. If you have never bothered the trash cans until now, it’s high time to clean and maintain them.

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Not sure how you would clean the exceptionally dirty trash can residing outside your house? Relax, here is how you can clean it to perfection;

  • Empty the trash can
  • Make a DIY cleaning solution or get it from the store
  • Rinse the trash can
  • Apply the cleaning solution
  • Scrub the entire trash can down well
  • Give the trash can a good rinse one more time
  • Leave it to dry

Empty the trash can

The first thing that you have to do is empty the trash can. So, go ahead and examine the trash can and dump all the trash in the dumpster. Now, bring the trash can back to clean it thoroughly. 

Make a DIY cleaning solution or get it from the store

Since you have ignored the trash can for a long time, it can not be cleaned without a strong cleaning solution. You can make a cleaning solution at home by mixing four cups of distilled vinegar and one and a half cups of liquid dish soap. The ready-made cleaning solutions are more effective and leave the trash can smelling fresh as well. Therefore, if you can afford it, choose to hand over the job to a ready-made cleaning solution.

Rinse the trash can

Give the trash can a thorough rinse twice. Turn it upside down to get rid of the excess water and make it ready for the main cleaning step.

Apply the cleaning solution

If you are using the above-stated DIY cleaning solution you would not require any mixing to do. Apply it as it is using an extendable scrub brush. However, the ready-made cleaning might or might not be applied the same way. You have to read the instructions and apply the cleaning solution as suggested.

Scrub the entire trash can down well

Now that the cleaning solution is applied evenly, it’s high time to scrub the entire trash can. You can scrub the trash can using the same extendable scrub brush. Keep scrubbing until all the dirt and debris leave the walls and gather in the trash can’s bottom.

Give the trash can a good rinse one more time

Once the dirt gathers in the bottom, give your trash can a good rinse. Rinse until all the dirt and cleaning solution washes away. 

Leave it to dry

Congratulations! You are done with the messiest part. Turn the trash can upside down once again to get rid of the water. Now leave the trash can to dry, once it’s dried you can place the trash bag in and begin using it as usual.

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