LVT Flooring 5 Ideas You Must Know Before Designing Your home

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is all the rage when it comes to home design. It’s budget-friendly and there are multiple designs to fit whatever style or motif your home needs. It’s a trend for a reason. Home designers love using luxury vinyl tile flooring because they are applicable to almost any design you would want.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is a highly durable type of flooring. It’s versatile and easy to maintain. The amount of designs this type of flooring has is endless too. What people like most about it is its ability to look like natural materials. Materials that would have cost a lot more if you had gotten the real thing. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is also naturally stain-resistant you wouldn’t have to fuss cleaning your home! 

Before making your purchase, here are some ideas you must know before designing your home.

1. Use a Stone Look to Make Your Entryway Look Elegant 

Your home’s entryway is the first thing that guests will see when they walk in. It’s the place where your home catches their attention and gives an impression. This also sets the tone and theme of your overall home. 

If you want to make your entryway look a lot larger than it seems, a light stone style such as marble would suit you. It gives your home a formal and elegant look as well. You can pair it with antique furniture or you can go minimal style with this. A mirror will also make the entryway look bigger and brighter. In the end, marble goes with anything and makes your entryway look very luxurious. 

You can also opt for a darker stone style if you want. This darker type of flooring will create contrast. This would look good for colored walls or if you have any furniture pieces that you want to emphasize. 

2. A Hardwood Style Floor for an Open Plan Living Room 

A Hardwood Style Floor

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If you are wanting a cozy look that’s easy to balance, you may use a hardwood-style luxury vinyl tile floor

This is ideal for an open-plan living room since it is easy to mix and match themes. If your living room continues into a study nook, playroom, or dining room, it would still be very easy to decorate. These hardwood planks can also easily be installed seamlessly from room to room and constructing your house will be well put together throughout your whole space. 

We suggest a Scandinavian themed look for your design if you choose to go with a light hardwood finish. You can easily make your living room look simple and functional because of the light color. It can also easily go well with Scandinavian furniture as these are also usually light-toned. Paired with a rug of your choosing and some trinkets to personalize, your living room will look as organized as ever. 

3. Your Study can Look More Sophisticated with Dark Hardwood Styled Floors 

If you have a work-from-home setup and are looking for a place that offers focus and concentration, you may need your own study or library. 

Do you picture your ideal study as something that is dark, sophisticated, and cozy? If you do, then a dark hardwood style would be the best to use. These dark hardwood floors would look good with dark-toned paint and floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Usually, people lean towards blue-toned paints as these promote focus and concentration too. 

You can add armchairs or a sofa if you wind yourself taking guests into your office as well. You can pair this with a wooden coffee table too. Indirect lighting is also best so that you do not have an overwhelming amount of light which tends to hurt your eyes. You may add designated reading lamps near your desk and the chairs where you intend to be reading nooks. 

4. Vinyl Tile Flooring for Kitchen is Now Possible

Vinyl Tile Flooring for Kitchen

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Because luxury vinyl tile flooring is now available in hardwood finishes, you can now incorporate hardwood kitchen flooring without worrying. 

Normal hardwood would need re-staining or refreshing throughout the years as these easily suffer from wear and tear and staining. But luxury vinyl tile is highly durable and stain proof so you can now incorporate this design without fearing destroying your kitchen floor. 

Using hardwood in your kitchen offers a rustic, warm and cozy vibe. Its natural and rustic look will make your kitchen very welcoming and pleasing for your family to hang out in. You can use wooden finished kitchen cabinets paired with marble to complete the look! 

5. Use Stone Styles in Your Kitchen

If you want a more industrial or hard-style kitchen, you may opt to use stone-style luxury vinyl tile flooring. These go well with minimalist kitchens that do not aim to have clutter or a rustic style to them. 

Modern-styled houses usually have a lot of stone incorporated into them, but with vinyl tile flooring, you no longer need to use actual stones. These would be far more expensive and look just the same. 

You can pair these stone tiles with plain kitchen cabinets such as white or black, or even go with the natural finish of the wood you are working with. The trick for minimalist modern styles is to have little to no clutter in your area at all. Maximize your storage spaces and you should be good.


If you are designing a new home, or just trying to redecorate an old one, luxury vinyl tile flooring is a good choice. It’s highly durable and can withstand the usual wear and tear. If you have pets or kids, this is also ideal as it’s stain-proof as well. 

You have all these benefits and unlimited styles to choose from. And if you ever decide to re-decorate or renovate your home, you can do so without hesitation because they’re cheap and not of natural material. You will find no difficulty in removing them at all. 

We hope our design ideas helped you in choosing your luxury vinyl tile flooring. Good luck and happy decorating! 

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