Self Storage Tip: Dos And Don’ts of Making Storage Work For you

Thinking of subletting your apartment when you would be gone? Well, there may not be an any better idea than this one. However, this option would only be worth it when you have all your belongings safely stored. 

Don’t know how to store your belongings safely? If you have a basic idea of how self-storage is done, here are the few dos and don’ts that would surely help in making the storage work for you.

Self-storage dos

Self-storage dos

Since you are going to take a lot of things into your hands, everything has to be done properly. The dos that would help you in making the storage work for you are following; 

  • Even before searching for a storage company, sit down and plan. Take all your belongings into account and have a thorough plan. Make sure the moment you step out to search for a storage company, you have everything sorted in your head. It will help you in answering the questions asked by the company, determining the right size, and making self-storage hassle-free.
  • If you “really” want everything to go according to the plan, try planning and making all necessary arrangements in advance. 
  • Do a little budgeting to know how much you can spend on this idea. Move ahead when you know what you can afford. 
  • Take time in finding a reliable storage company. Not all storage companies are worthy of your consideration and trust. Ask your friends, family, and acquaintances for referrals. Your loved ones would suggest you the options they have good experiences with.
  • Purchase a sturdy lock and have your valuables insurance covered. 
  • Label all the boxes properly. So, in the future even if you have to find something you can quickly find it by reading the label.
  • Take help if you do not know how to pack or move your valuables to safe storage units. The bad packaging would not be able to keep your valuables in good condition.
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Self-storage don’ts

There are a few things that you have to avoid at all costs to make the self-storage work for you. These are;

  • Do not leave anything to the last minute, even the minor ones. It is recommended because there is no guarantee that you would get what you want at the last minute. 
  • Self-storage is not that reliable. Therefore, don’t store your valuables this way. There is no guarantee you would find your valuables in the same condition. Use bank lockers to store your jewelry and some other reliable source to store art and other things that you categorize as your asset.
  • Do not just throw your valuables unprotected or unpacked. Take time and pack your stuff very carefully. Use blankets or moving pads for larger items and packing papers for smaller ones.
  • Do not pack perishables. It is because they would spoil or rot and begin attracting bugs and rodents. The rodents and bugs would destroy your other valuables as well.
  • Do not share the details of your plan with anyone except your family or a person you can trust. 


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