Every house has several MISTAKES that homeowners are tired of. It is nothing new to say or hear that wires need changes, or the drains are becoming a problem. This is extremely normal to find people complaining about clogged drains and the problems they are facing. 

Every drain problem is not meant to be solved on your own. Sometimes you need help from professionals like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Toronto ON to solve your drainage problems. You are unaware of the critical areas that you can damage in a tiny drain. This is where you can make some major mistakes, and the problem can get worse. 

What are these problems, and how can you avoid them? Different surveys have combined a list of plumbing mistakes people make that must be avoided. Here are the top ten plumbing mistakes that you should avoid.


  • Using the Wrong Tape or the Wrong Side 

This is the most common mistake committed. The adhesive tape most appropriate for plumbing purposes is a tricky one to handle. People cannot find a difference in their sides and use the wrong side for the purpose. This makes the joint lose, and it does not take much time for the problem to arise again at a worse rate. 

If people are unable to distinguish the right side of the tape for use, they choose the wrong tape for use. The wrong tape would only work for a few hours or a day or two. The problem would be there sooner than you could expect. So you must use the right tape.

  • Drain Cleaners Are Not as Effective as They Sound 

‘Clogged drains call for a drain cleaner.’ 

This is the most common myth regarding plumbing issues. Drain cleaners only work if the drain has very little dirt to clean. The drawbacks are more than the benefits. If the drain is filled with garbage, the drain cleaner would only serve as a cherry on the cake. The situation would become worse, and you may have to invest more time, effort, and money. The drain cleaners are highly acidic and damage the metallic areas of the drain. So, it is better to avoid there use as much as possible. 

  • Starting Without Essential Parts 

Spare parts are important to gather before starting a plumbing job. If you go for fixing a broken pipe without tape, screws, nuts, bolts, etc. what would possibly happen? Will you fix the pipe perfectly? No, because every smallest part makes a big difference in repairing. Gather all necessary nuts, washers, etc. before starting your job. If you have everything available, you will save time as well as the effort of finding items. 

  • Working With the Water Line On 

Another mistake that people commit during plumbing jobs is they forget to turn off the main water line. This may not seem a big issue, but it can be. You may hit the pipeline with a rough hand, and the water can make a big mess for you. Turning off the water line is a safe practice. In this way, you can work easily and stress-free. Swapping the valves and faucets would be the toughest job with the water line not turned off. 

  • Over tightening the Connections 

To be safer, some people tighten the connection to the extent of breaking that induces pressure on the pipes. You have to tighten the connections just right because over tight connections seem perfect only in thoughts. Over tightening the connections can cause breakage in a week or so, and your house will be flooded with water. 

  • Leaving the Joints Loose 

If people do not over tighten the joints, they leave the joints too loose. Lose joints do not even last for a week. The connections must be tightened appropriately. Neither too tight nor too loose, just the right amount of pressure and twist and turns are required. 

  • Using the Wrong Tools 

Every plumbing job needs the best tools for solving the problem. If you do not have the right tools, you cannot solve the problem correctly. Avoid such mistakes to do the job right. Fixing the pipeline without a wrench is not possible. You can pass a few days because the temporarily fixed pipe would not last longer than a week. 

Make sure you have the right tools before starting the job. 

  • Broken Faucet 

Dripping faucets are another common problem, and people commit big mistakes. Instead of fixing the dripping faucets, people break the faucets. Fixing the faucets does not need a lot of pressure. Do the job with a lighter hand and less pressure. The dripping problem will be solved. 

  • Using Drains as Bins 

Doing the dishes does not mean you have to throw everything in the drains. Collect all the garbage in a separate bag and throw it away. Throwing it in the drains will block them, and this is the biggest mistake you can commit. It would be the trickiest job to do, and drain cleaners are not always effective. 

  •  Crowded Fixtures 

Sometimes, the space for fixtures is not available, but people still add new pipes. This results in irritating smells. Also, less space between the fixtures will make it tough for the people to perform the daily house chores. They can be a problem for each other, and you would not want to have issues with the pipes and connections daily. 


Plumbing sounds an easy job, but sometimes it becomes your worst nightmare. You cannot always do it on your own. Sometimes, a professional is needed to look after the problem. If you are a beginner, never take the matter in your hand. First, observe a professional, search about the problems and their solutions, then think of doing the job. 

Leaking drains, broken pipes, etc. are common in houses. There is nothing to worry about. The mistakes mentioned above are just a few to name, but several other minor mistakes have been reported. To avoid any big problem, it is better to be perfectly prepared to solve the problem. If you avoid these mistakes, your drains would be happy to have you as their savior. 

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