Tips for Choosing the Right Sunglasses That Fit Your Face

Tips for Choosing the Right Sunglasses That Fit Your Face According to an Optometrist’s Suggestion.

Let’s get it straight! Only a handful of summer accessories are iconic! And sunglasses are one of them. Thus, finding the best pair for yourself will be a little frustrating in the beginning. Generally, any sunglasses should suit comfortably on your look without too greatly effort. Yet, people find it hard to find a pair that is the best fit for them. 

Let’s suppose you purchase wire sunglasses, they will pull out and glide down your face. And many of them are a little unforgiving on the face. Below, we have mentioned the best tips for you to choose the right sunglasses that fit your face the right way:

Select Sunglasses With Powerful UV Protection


The primary reason for sunglasses is to protect your eyes to the fullest. This means it is important to consider UV protection paramount when choosing the right pair of sunglasses. Check out cat eye sunglasses online to find the best pair of UV-protected sunglasses for yourself. 

Always look for lenses that mention a label of “100% defense against the UVA and UVB”. If you don’t know, the UV tells about the range of frequency that the glasses can easily block out. 

Know Your Face Shape

When looking for the right pair of sun glasses, always know your face shape. The shape of your face is carved with the angles and lines of your features. Your cheeks, forehead, and chin make up everything. Experts say the overall shape will play a strong role in fitting sunglasses. So you must consider this when making your first purchase. 

Plus, look at your hair line to evaluate the overall shape of your face. Most people gave four types of face shapes. The first one is round, followed by square, heart shapes, and oval. So depending on the shape of your face, your choice of sunglasses will vary. 

Size Matters A lot

When buying sunglasses, never forget that the larger the frame, the higher the protection you will get. The bigger the frame, the higher the protection it will offer. But this is better since the eyes are very sensitive. Narrow frames aren’t necessarily a good option, as they fit very tight on the face. 

This causes discomfort and even lines around your features. So we recommend you protect your peepers and find a good fit. The online market is flooded with sunglasses in all shapes, sizes, and designs. So beware and make the right choice. 

Trends Are Exciting But Look For Something That Can Be Worn in More Than a Single Season

Maybe you wouldn’t want to splurge on the glittery glasses, but everyone has a different choice. While a lot of people like to splurge on accessories that will last for a longer time. Especially if they are buying from Vision Direct, they would want to buy a pair that will last for a long time. 

However, if you have plans to travel, there’s no harm in picking something trendy. After all, sunglasses are supposed to accentuate your personality too. 

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