What Is not a Physical Security Measure For Your Home

Not all physical security measures for your home are created equal. Some common sense measures are often overlooked, while other popular methods may not be as effective as you think. Here’s a look at what is not a  security measure for your home.

Security Measures Go Beyond The Physical

There are many things to consider when it comes to securing your home. It’s important to go beyond physical security measures and consider how someone could access your home. This includes online security, keeping valuables hidden, and knowing who has keys to your home.

By taking a comprehensive approach to security, you can make it much harder for criminals to target your home. Online security measures like strong passwords and two-factor authentication can help protect your home from cyber attacks. Keeping valuables hidden and out of sight can deter thieves from breaking in. And knowing who has keys to your home can help you track who has access to it.

By taking these extra steps, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing that you’ve done everything possible to secure your home.

The Importance of Layers Physical Security Is Just One Part of Keeping Your Home Safe:

Physical Security

You can do many things to keep your home safe, but one of the most important is to create layers of security. This means having multiple security measures in place so that if one is breached, the others will still be effective.

For example, you might have a physical security measure like a fence around your property. But if you also have a dog that patrols the perimeter, then even if someone gets past the fence, they’ll still have to deal with the dog.

Or maybe you have an alarm system and cameras around your home. Even if someone breaks in, they’ll trigger the alarm, and you’ll be able to see them on camera.

Creating layers of security makes it much harder for criminals to target your home successfully. So consider adding multiple security measures to keep your family and possessions safe.

What is Not a Physical Security Measure: Common Misconceptions

There are many things that people believe will make their home more secure when in reality, they do not. Here are some common misconceptions about physical  measures:

Installing a security system is not a physical security measure. A security system cannot physically stop someone from breaking into your home. All it can do is alert you that someone is trying to break in.

Installing bars on your windows is also not a physical security measure. Bars can be cut through or removed and do not provide any real barrier to entry.

The best physical security measures are those that make it more difficult for someone to break into your home. Things like deadbolts, strike plates, and heavy-duty locks effectively deter burglars.

Why Physical Security Measures Are Important:

Your home is your castle, and you should do everything in your power to protect it. That’s why physical security measures are so important. You can help keep your home safe and sound by deterring burglars and protecting your family.

You can take several physical security measures to help keep your home safe. Installing deadbolt locks on all your doors is a great way to deter would-be burglars. It would help if you also considered installing motion-sensor lights around your home, as these can deter criminals. Finally, ensure to keep your windows and doors locked at all times.

Taking simple physical security measures can help keep your home safe from burglars and other criminals. So don’t wait – take action today to protect your castle.

Don’t make these physical security mistakes in your home!

Making your home secure is important, but there are some physical security measures you should not take. Fortifying your home like a fortress is not the answer. This will only make your home a target for thieves and give your neighbors something to worry about. Here are some physical security measures you should not take:

  1. Don’t put up fences or barbed wire. This will only make your home look like a prison, and it will not keep thieves out.
  2. Don’t install bars on your windows. Not only do they make it difficult to escape in an emergency, but they also make it easy for thieves to break in.


A physical measure is any action or device used to safeguard a home from intrusion, theft, or other criminal activity. While there are many different types of physical measures, there are also some things that are not considered physical security measures. For example, locks on doors and windows are a common physical security measure, but things like an alarm system or a guard dog are not.

There are many different ways to secure a home, and the best way to do so is to use a combination of different security measures. This will make it more difficult for criminals to target your home and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is as safe as possible.

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