What Is The Best Mattress?

Finding the best mattress can sometimes be more challenging than one may think. Finding the best mattress will be a different choice for each person. Many different mattresses are available, and many of them are really good mattresses. Quality and well-known brand names and other brands may be less well-known to many. But they may all offer good quality for you. It is important to find one that uses quality materials and craftsmanship so your mattress will last a long time. A good way to watch for this is to see how long of a warranty the company offers on them. For example, a company will only offer you a 15-year warranty if they know the may last five years.


The firmness of a mattress is also a very important choice. A sleeper needs to select the firmness of the mattress depending upon their sleep position. For example, if a person sleeps on their back, they need to find a that offers the firmness and support that a back sleeper should have to give them the proper support and pressure relief. On the other hand, a side sleeper will require a different firmness because they mainly sleep on their sides and will need a different type of sinkage and pressure relief for a good night’s sleep. The best in this case, would be the mattress that best fits your sleep position and offers you the most pressure relief and support.


Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is something that most people do not even consider. This is how you feel the movement across the mattress. If you sleep alone and do not have to share your mattress with a partner or a pet, the motion transfer won’t matter much because you will be the only one moving on the bed. If you sleep with a partner, especially one that is restless or gets in and out of bed during the night, then the motion transfer or the movement you feel across the mattress will be felt and possibly wakes you up. This can cause both sleepers to have a rough night and to get interrupted sleep. When couples share a mattress, it is best to find one that offers minimal feeling to motion transfers so that both sleepers are not being woken up during the night.  

Mattress Size

Sometimes, the size of the bedroom can force you to purchase a smaller bed than you would like. If you have a smaller room, then a full-size bed might be the only thing that would fit. This can sometimes be small for two sleepers when one may be restless. When this occurs, it would be wise to look for a that offers support along the edges so the entire mattress can be utilized. You would want the entire mattress to have enough firmness and support to give both sleepers a good night’s sleep.

When It’s Time To Choose

Knowing that there are several considerations to make when purchasing a new mattress, let’s look at some of them available on the market and help you see the best mattress for you.


The Nectar mattress is one of the most popular and best for many sleepers in the memory foam category. This offers quality sinkage and pressure relief. This mattress is 11 inches thick and is made from layers of foam.

Cover – The cover is quilted with memory foam, creating a soft and plush feeling to the entire mattress. It provides comfort and quality feels as soon as you crawl onto this mattress.

Comfort – This layer has been made from memory foam infused with a cooling gel. This helps with temperature control, helping to keep the sleeper more comfortable at night. This layer also has a slow response to pressure allowing you to sink into this layer slowly and, with the body contouring, gives you quality pressure relief.

Transition – This layer has been created from a transitional layer of memory foam. This offers a quicker response to pressure than the layer above it and allows more body contouring to the sleeper. It also slowly lowers them down into the firmer layer below.

Base – The base is made from a layer of high-density polyfoam. This dense foam helps to give the mattress its shape and stability for all the layers above it.  

This mattress may be slightly on the soft side of medium firmness. With its support and pressure relief, this mattress would be a great pick for side sleepers. With all of the memory foam in this, the motion transfer would be absorbed by the foam and should not be felt enough across the mattress to disturb the other sleeping partner.  


The WinkBed mattress is 14 inches thick and is designed with foam and coil springs. This mattress offers comfort and support to many sleepers and is a quality in the hybrid category.

Cover – This cover is quilted with a material called Tencel. Tencel is made naturally from Eucalyptus wood cellulose, making it lighter and breathable to help with the temperature control of this mattress from the very top.

Euro-Pillow Top – The pillow top has been made from gel-infused foam that helps with the cooling properties of this mattress. This layer offers the sleeper comfort while they are enjoying the cooling elements.

Bounce – The bounce layer is designed from tiny micro-coils made from a more flexible wire allowing support and softness. This layer helps to keep the sleeper on top of the mattress and not sinking too deep inside it.

Foundation – The foundation layer of this mattress is made from 8 inches of pocketed coils. These are designed in seven sections that offer different pressure relief and firmness for different points on your body. The heaviest parts of your body are normally your hips and shoulders, and this design offers more support to these areas as you sleep. The pocketed coils also offer more airflow to move through your mattress, helping to give you a cooler night’s sleep.

This mattress is on the firm side of the medium firmness rating. It would be a great match for stomach and combo sleepers. The motion transfer on this bed to lighter movements does not make a lot of movement, but with larger movements, the motion can be felt throughout the. The cooling abilities of this mattress help for a good night’s sleep, especially for sleepers who get too hot at night.  


The Casper is one of the most popular mattresses in the foam combination category. This mattress offers quality comfort and support for many sleepers.

Cover – The cover for this mattress is made from a knit polyester blend that has been designed to stretch with the mattress creating a soft and comforting feeling.

Comfort – This layer is made from a layer of aerated foam. This offers a slow response to pressure allowing sinkage for pressure to the hips and shoulders. In addition, the aerated foam offers cooling to the layer.

Transition – This is a layer of memory foam with zoned support. It offers softness for pressure relief at the shoulders and firmer support for the hips to keep your body in alignment.  

Base – The base of the all-foam mattress is made from a thick, high-density polyfoam. This offers the mattress’s shape and support to the above layers.

The Casper all-foam mattress offers firmness and keeps the sleeper lifted out of bed but offers enough sinkage for comfort and support. This  is a great fit for back sleepers and offers quality pressure relief. would also be a great fit for someone suffering from back pain.


When answering the question, what is the best mattress? According to Orthomattress – there is no universally clear answer. Everyone sleeps differently, and to offer support and comfort along with pressure relief and the motion transfer that multiple sleepers need, no one can do it all. Finding the best mattress for you takes some careful consideration. It is important to match the with your sleeping patterns and find the one that gives you the comfort and support your body needs—finding a that will keep your body in proper alignment and gives you the pressure relief that you need will help to give you the proper rest for a good night’s sleep. Finding the best mattress that gives you the most comfort and night’s sleep is how you will know the best for you.

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