Where To List Your House For Sale?

Have you pissed off by the financial crisis? Want to sell your house? Unfortunately, are you a new person to know about listing? Confused in thoughts that selling with Redfin is profit-maximizing or not?

These are the common question that keeps revolving in your mind until you gather some knowledge about different MLS listing websites.

Why don’t you jump towards redfin reviews and give it a read? Yes, that would be great if you will get the experience of real users. You can read redfin reviews at google or you can visit houzeo.com.

I know I can relate with you listing process always takes time. I also come to know when I decided to list my house.

So, I was also confused, like you, but I have accomplished my goals in lesser time by doing a good research work, so I would love to share my information with you.

Without further ado, let’s discuss Redfin.

What Is Redfin? 

What is Redfin?

The first thing that’s come to my mind was this if you want to sell your house through Redfin, you first know about redfin.

Redfin is a popular real estate popular and selling and buying tool. It’s an affiliated brokerage services provider with a network of 78 markets in the United States.

Redfin agents are highly qualified and highly trained, so this makes Redfin stand individually in the market.

Redfin is popular for its 1% Commission rate that always gives benefits to its users.

Yes, Redfin is working on the Incentive model that means if you hire an agent through Redfin, then the agent will never demand additional Commission rates.

Because Redfin is paying them monthly to perform their listing services, more than 1000 agents work actively with Redfin.

How Does Redfin Work?

If you want to sell your house at Redfin, you must know about Redfin’s working process. First, you have to hire a redfin agent.

Well, I will recommend you to read the redfin agents review. It’s the best option to have an insight review of any services before hiring any agent at the high commission fees.

Now in listing process what next to do? I will tell you.

  • Price your house

Here you have to price your house according to its condition, location, and look for other selling homes‘ prices in similar conditions at your neighborhoods to maximize your revenue after this set the neighbor house. I will prefer you to get your listing agent’s assistance so as not to have price issues.

  • Market analysis

After pricing, your Redfin agent will analyze your set price according to the maker selling houses prices, and if there will be any key points that must be entered, he will enter in listing.

Your agent will make a selling strategy that highlights your house’s key factors to maximize your profit.

And to make you’re listing more fascinating towards the buyer.

  • Listing debut

In this, your agent will connect you with high professionals that will make necessary repairing changes such as wall painting, plumbing, and decluttering of your house. After this, your Redfin agent will decide the best time to update your listing on MLS because it would be great if it looks perfect before updating.

  • Photos and 3D walkthrough

Redfin provides a free adding photos facility and its first listing website that provides a 3D walkthrough in any situation.

It is helpful for the current Corona situation. You can have all listing information through the redfin photo and walkthrough feature. Also, Redfin gives you the premium placement to list your listing at the most visible place.

Redfin will promote your listing to sell at high prices with their premium placements, so this is a good Redfin feature.

  • Marketing your home

After adding your listing at the MLS portal best step is to market it, and that’s my favorite part of redfin listing because you don’t have to do any struggle. Now relaxed and wait for the potential buyer to reach, rest work will be looked after by your agent.

As you know that Redfin is one of the popular websites, so if you list your property through Redfin, then they will market your property on different platforms. Also, they are providing marketing premium services where your listing will promote on different social platforms.

Redfin agents are also providing advertisements at Google, Facebook, and other social platform through their Email marketing services and market your website to reach more potential buyers.

  • Schedule meetings

Redfin agent will schedule your meeting with visitors of homes, and your agent will host them. They will promote online listing in your area to get more buyers.

  • Listing dashboard

Redfin is providing a personal dashboard to their clients so they can have full transparency at your listing. You can easily control what your agent is doing and how many people are visiting or viewing your listing.

By personal owner dashboard, you have full control over your listing activity, which is the most key factor in hiring a redfin selling service.

  • Accepting and negotiating

Here your agent will help you throughout the process of accepting new offers. Redfin agent will discuss with you all the offers then your agent will negotiate with the buyers.

If you and your agent have a mutual decision at rates, after this you will accept any offer. An offer that can meet all needs of the seller is the best accepting offer.

  • Paperwork

Now redfin agent will connect you with attorney who will do all necessary transects. It will be good to ask for a legal attorney’s help to do any transaction because they know every process of transection.

  • Selling commission

Now you have to pay a selling commission to a redfin agent; 1% is the redfin agent’s selling commission. It might exceed 1.5% but remember you are getting a full listing agent service in some cases.


At last, I would say redfin services are highly proficient. If you have a low budget and want to hire less commission agent, that’s the best choice.

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