Why Use Custom Printed Drink Bottles for Promotional Purposes?

 From time immemorial, branding has acted as a powerful weapon to grow any business. When big companies have to succeed from competing brands, brand campaigns are given a lot of importance. 

The best thing you can do to make your business product stand out and popular is to invest in promoting it. Modern marketing channels and techniques have made great strides over the years, and you can use various methods to advertise your product. 

Custom promotional drink bottles are the best option among many different marketing tools to help you advertise your company. Custom printed drink bottles have become a popular advertising model for businesses looking for sustainable methods to promote their product. 

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But before you’re convinced that custom-printed branded drink bottles are the best bet for your business, you need to sell yourself on the idea of promotional products. Let’s first look at how and why promotional items work.

Bottled and jarred packaged goods can also be an incredible promotional tool if custom printed drink bottles don’t align with your business. If you are yet to take advantage of this practical promotional method to promote your business, here are some compelling reasons to start: 

Benefits of Using Custom Printed Drink Bottles 

People carry drink bottles every day wherever they go: office, school, gym, running, walking, etc. It means that the brand appears before countless eyes every day. In addition, they are reusable and help companies promote their brands subconsciously to customers from all walks of life. Nonetheless, all this is possible only with a small investment. So, here are a few benefits of using custom printed drink bottles for promotional purposes. 

  • Environmentally Friendly

Disposable packaged plastic water bottles are harmful to the environment. Custom printed drink bottles are made from reusable and recyclable materials and hence are eco-friendly. By promoting these bottles, you send a message that you care about the environment and the community you live in by not using disposable plastic bottles for your advertisement campaign. 

  • Diversity in Choice 

Drink bottles are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, with different material choices available from plastic, aluminum, to glass. Therefore, you can choose the bottles that best suit your brand and portray your message ideally. 

  • They’re Fashionable

Reusable drink bottles are now a fashion statement. Customized drink bottles have become more popular with the demand for reusable beverages and the range of designs they bring. The photo-focused social media platform Instagram has had countless posts with the hashtag #waterbottle, most of which feature boldly designed stainless steel bottles. These lifestyle items have really become a necessity, and the more people use hem, the better.

Drink bottles
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  • Multi-Purpose

Drink bottles are perfect for conventions, charity events, fundraisers, races, and more. They’re simple, functional, and practical, something everyone will use every day. Your customers can take these bottles to the office, school, gym, or when they are on the go or would like to keep them in the fridge. As a result, drink bottles can subconsciously promote your brand and instill your company’s name in everyone’s minds. 

  • Lucrative ROI

Calling it free advertising is not fair. There are initially some overhead costs involved in purchasing promotional products. But that extra expense comes back to the business as a reward. Branding can be about anything, even things you might not have even thought of. When you use everyday items for promotional purposes, you advertise your business through the power of user visibility. 

For example, if you use a bag bearing the name of your business, it will attract the attention of every passerby and help them understand what you sell. When it comes to advertising, these expenses have to be borne indefinitely. In return, promotional marketing helps businesses establish a loyal client base that is worth the effort in the long run, considering clients are a company’s most valuable intangible asset. 

How to Design an Effective Marketing Strategy?

The following are the aspects you must consider while designing a promotional strategy for your business. 

  • Set budget

A budget should be your first consideration. Not all companies can invest too much in brand promotion. You first need to find out how much you can safely invest in promoting your business. Setting a budget is crucial for advertising a business because it might provide you timely return in the future, but it is an expense for the present.

  • Know your audience

You have to understand what your customer likes and wants. It is one of the most significant aspects of creating promotional products considering you would like to market your brand with items that relate to your company in some way. If you have a sporting goods store, giving them branded water bottles instead of a pocket calculator will make more sense. 

  • Attractive to Consumers

The truth of life is that everyone likes free stuff. Giving your customers free promotions not only subconsciously promotes your brand idea but also helps consumers develop a more interpersonal connection with your company. Free merchandise is never a wrong choice when it comes to attracting consumers to your brand. Know your customers and analyze what they like. Tailoring your products to your target audience is an essential aspect of giving out branded merchandise.

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/34199278389875480/
  • Frequent Exposure to your Brand

When you create custom drink bottles, you allow your potential customer to come closer to your product. The added bonus is that customers will be exposed to your brand more frequently. By placing your company logo on these personalized drink bottles, you can mark your brand on multiple levels. You can also write your company’s slogan or message. If customers use the product multiple times a day, your brand is more likely to be noticed.

  • Positive Brand Image

The beverage bottle branding campaign allows your brand to align with socially responsible ideas, such as promoting reusable drinking bottles, thus reducing the use of disposable drink bottles. You can look for sustainable glass bottle companies to source your material in an eco-friendly manner.  


Using branded personalized drinks in their various forms can help you achieve multiple goals in your brand marketing campaign, regardless of the size of your marketing budget or the size of your business.

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