Your Wedding Can Glow Up With These 5 Ways

We have seen our fair share of weddings over the years. Some wedding trends may be timeless. And when we say ‘timeless trends’, the first thing that comes to mind is the diamond engagement ring. 

According to the Knot 2021Jewelry & Engagement Study, 86% of wedding rings featured diamonds as their center stone. 

Let alone wedding jewelry, wedding dresses, arrangements, venue, and legal expenses make wedding planning all the more important. Add the burden of making your wedding memorable; it seems like your work’s cut out, isn’t it?

But hang on!

We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves that should help you make your wedding day special. But before that, let’s quickly refresh our minds about the basics.

Pre-Wedding Exquisite

When you realize you have found that perfect soul you want to spend the rest of your life with, the dream of having the perfect wedding becomes more real. Weddings require a lot of planning that usually begins months or even years before the wedding day.

First, you must figure out how you will propose to your loved one. That sets you on the hunt to find the perfect ring. When it comes to diamond engagement rings, you have choices based on price, style, and other preferences, for example:

  • You can buy a solitaire ring that goes will almost every dress and jewelry. 
  • You can have a ring featuring minimalistic cushion-cut diamonds if you’re wearing matching diamond earrings or a necklace. 

If you’re on a budget, think about lab-grown diamonds. They are more affordable than naturally grown diamonds, and you can surprise your partner with the perfect engagement ring without compromising your finances.

Plan a perfect proposal and put a ring on it. Then comes the engagement party, wedding shopping, finding the perfect dress, and deciding on the venue. There is so much to deal with that it can begin to feel overwhelming.

So, we recommend that you should start planning your wedding soon after your engagement party. Discuss everything with each other. All your dos and don’ts for the big day, and then find unique ways to glow it up.

Top 5 Unique Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Special

Are you looking for unique and innovative ways to make your upcoming nuptials special? Here are our top 7 ideas to get creative with your wedding day.

1. Create a Seating Pattern

Want to impress your guests as soon as they arrive at the venue? Create a special yet organized seating arrangement that will leave them amazed.

Most of the time, chairs are set in a row, making it difficult for the people at the back to peek over at the bride and groom. However, you can arrange the chairs in a half-moon design on either side of the aisle to give your guests a better view of the ceremony.

If you are having an intimate affair, you can set the chairs in a circle around the stage for an up-close look. You can also choose different seats and other chairs. Finally, add benches and sofas for added comfort that your guests can enjoy while at the wedding.

2. Special Bridal Entrance

Ever since you got engaged, you must have been dreaming about the moment you enter the venue, dressed up in your dream wedding attire, leaving all your guests in awe. Finally, walking down the aisle and marrying the person you have always loved is a moment you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Why don’t you try and make your debut even more dazzling by asking your friends to do a dance number before you?

You can even ask your flower girl and bridesmaid to walk before you while a montage plays in the background, displaying some of the most critical moments of your life.

It can be memorable, and you will make an impression before stepping down the aisle.

3. Surprise Your Guests With Diamond Jewelry

Why don’t you add a diamond tennis bracelet to one of those wedding favors to ensure you leave an everlasting impression on your guests? So, at the beginning of the event, announce that one of the favor boxes has a diamond tennis bracelet as a gift.

You can switch it up with a diamond pendant or ring, whatever you like. Then, let your guests know that one guest will receive a spectacular surprise in their favorite box, which they can open at the end of the event.

It will build anticipation among your guests, and they will stick around to enjoy all the festivities. If you want to ensure you don’t go out of budget, choosing lab-created diamonds would be wise.

4. Write Your Wedding Vows

While most people recite behind the minister for wedding vow, it feels mesmerizing nonetheless. So, to make your event more blissful and close to your heart, you and your partner can write your wedding vows.

Imagine the day that you have been waiting for all your life. Now you have the chance to tell your partner how you feel about them and make promises you will keep as you’re bound together for lives.

It can be the most scintillating experience, listening to your loved one explain their feelings and what you mean to them in their own words for the world to see.

5. Make a Promising Exit

After having fun through the night, ensure you don’t make an abrupt exit. Instead, leave in style. You can ask all your guests to round up and blow lanterns in the air. The sky lit up as all your guests make wishes and blow candles into the air will look breathtaking.

Or you can set up fireworks show that your guests can enjoy before saying goodbye. It will leave a lasting impression on your guests, and you both can end the night on a high note.

Final Verdict

Planning a wedding requires a lot of patience and effort. But most of all, it needs your creative input to make it as memorable as possible. So these were some of the minor ways through which you can glow up your wedding day.

Don’t forget to ask your guests to open their favorite boxes if you have added a surprise diamond tennis bracelet or earrings in one of the boxes. Make a promise that your guests will remember your wedding for the longest time.

Other ways to make your wedding more unique include hiring a roaming raw bar, giving out wedding favors, and setting up a cute photo booth. The list is endless. It depends on your budget and how much effort you will put into it.

Just try not to worry if something goes wrong and enjoy the moment. Things don’t always turn out how you want them to, especially weddings. So, don’t sweat it, and enjoy it while it lasts.

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