7 Grip Strength Exercises to Get Stronger Grip

In order to translate better results in the gym, it is very important for you to train your mitts. As per a 2021 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, your hand-grip strength is a great predictor of total-body muscular strength and overall endurance levels. And, of course, having strong hands, fingers, and wrists do help in lifting more weights and in allowing to cling to the weights for a longer time.

Undoubtedly, building grip strength assists in lifting more weights, as a result of which you build more muscle and cut fat all over. Remember, it is believed that you are only as powerful as your grip, which indeed should be powerful. Besides, it also helps with everyday chores like opening that tight jar or moving that heavy piece of furniture.

Allow yourself to give a try to at the following 7 grip strength exercises and perform it after your workout is over.

Nothing like Thick Bar Training

Inarguably, one of the best and most effective ways to get a stronger grip is through thick bar training. And, we aren’t talking about those ridiculously priced Watson bars. All you need to do is wrap a barbell with a towel to increase the bar thickness. A powerful start would be to start with a bench press.

Heavy Lifts

How about consolidating your workout and training your grip at the same time? The aim here is to train your grip and develop muscles in conjunction with each other. So what do you do to manage this? It’s quite simple and easy. For instance, work on adding more weight to rack deadlifts, an effective variation that puts emphasis on the top portion of the lifts and also allows for more weight on the bar, which will give you an intense grip challenge to be handled.

Pull-ups are another great way to challenge your grip. By releasing and grasping the bar, your forearms are being trained to adopt and adjust to varied positions. For extraordinary gains and muscle building, we suggest trying D-Bal Max. It is a bodybuilding supplement created by Wolfson brands that helps to overcome bodybuilding challenges. Read its comprehensive review here: https://www.orlandomagazine.com/d-bal-max-reviews/

Try Squeezing the Bar

Don’t forget to squeeze the bar with your hands during your set leads as it often helps in stimulating greater grip activation, which invariably helps in gaining better grip strength. During your sets, keep the bar slide locked firmly in the palm of your hands and wrap your thumb around it to maintain the grip. Ensure that you focus hard on squeezing the bar as much as you can.

Rack Suitcase Isometric

In Rack Suitcase Isometric, you need to place a loaded barbell in the rack, of course with safety catches set at knee heights. Make sure you stand in a way that the bar is on your left side. Now bend your hips back and grab the barbell with your left hand and keep it in the centre. Without rounding your back, brace your core and push through your heels to stand up. Learn to keep your spine straight while squeezing the bar hard. Now repeat the process on the opposite side.

Using Grip Builders

It is a good idea to add grip building tools to your workout in order to make your grips more powerful. Although adding extra weight on the bar is usually enough for getting stronger grip, these tools can augment your results in a big way. Just by wrapping your gym towel around the bar will help in increasing the bar thickness. Remember to squeeze the towel while performing your exercises.

Train your Grip Every Day

Lastly, it is imperative to train your grip every day to see effective results. Make it a point to pull or lift anything at the gym. By incorporating pulling and lifting in your daily workout routine, you will be doing yourself a big favor in the long run. For robust muscle gains and strength, checkout this review at CleveScene.com

Don’t be!

Don’t be like other trainers who jeopardize their grip strength by solely relying on machine-based workouts that doesn’t give opportunities to challenge the forearms.

If you fancy building a muscular handshake then you need to incorporate the mentioned exercises. And, most importantly, don’t forget to shower post workout using antibacterial soap only. Nobody likes to even do a muscular handshake that is not properly clean!

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