A/C Contractor And Repair Services In Old Bridge NJ

In most states, the summers are becoming sweltering, and Old Bridge, NJ, is no exception. The season is nearly upon us, and residents are hoping their A/C systems hold out for the duration of the extreme temperatures without a malfunction or need for a repair.

Fortunately, there is a trusted and reliable A/C Service in Old Bridge, NJ, prepared for the heat and possible breakdowns. The providers in the area can also offer tips to homeowners on care and upkeep of their units in between annual service calls, plus how to troubleshoot if the problem is a simple fix. 

Let’s look at a few common issues homeowners can work through if they experience the problem. It’s important to remember that if you feel uncomfortable working around the system, contact your service contractor for assistance. It’s always better to be safe.

Tips On Working With The A/C System

Working With The A/C System

Some situations that come along with the air conditioning system in Old Bridge, NJ, are minor, with the option of homeowners performing some DIY fixes. In some cases, however, you might not feel comfortable working with the unit, preferring instead that a professional handle anything to do with the system. 

It’s much better to allow a service contractor to do the repairs than to be unsafe or make a problem worse, causing more significant expense. In any case, for those who want to review the tips for their unit, here are a few guidelines for minor fixes.

  • The unit won’t come on following a storm

In some cases, after the power trips from a storm, the air conditioning doesn’t restart, even when the rest of the electricity resumes. Follow these steps to resume A/C power:

  1. Put the thermostat in the “Off” position and leave it off until the other steps are complete.
  2. The circuit breaker will need to be reset since a power surge could have created an overload in the circuit, making that breaker trip. Check the breaker box for the label marked HVAC. Push the switch off and then on.
  3. Let everything sit for roughly half an hour, so the A/C internal circuit is able to reset.
  4. After the adequate time frame, the thermostat can be turned back to “cool,” and the air conditioning should resume.
  • The A/C is not getting cool

Among the most common complaints with the units is that they don’t get cool enough and among the most common advice given is the filter is likely dirty with a need to change it or clean it. Depending on your circumstances, this needs changing/cleaning every 90 days or sooner. 

Debris collects and clogs the filters preventing air from flowing through, making the system inefficient. Once you change this out, you should feel a significant difference and possibly see a lower monthly bill.

  • One space in the home is typically warm

If there is a space in the home with many windows allowing the heat from the sun to blare in, the air conditioning will need to work significantly harder to bring that area down to temperature when the sun is at its peak. 

It’s wise to have adequate treatments on the windows to block the heat from coming in. You might also consider planting some trees or shrubs outside the windows as a method of shading the area.

  • High utility costs

When energy costs are substantially higher than usual in extreme weather, it might not be the system that’s inefficient. Sometimes the cool air is seeping through gaps in the windows and doors, causing the unit to work continuously to maintain the thermostat temperature creating the high utility costs. 

There is also the possibility that the home’s insulation is insufficient in the attic and the walls. You can use weather stripping or caulk around the windows and doors for the gaps, plus you need to look into your insulation.

Final Thought

In order to keep the A/C in your Old Bridge NJ home operating at its peak performance, it’s critical to employ service contractors for annual preventative maintenance. Go here for guidance on keeping your A/C running smoothly

At the slightest sign of a defect, the provider will make the necessary repairs plus clean the system, replace broken or worn parts, and do the annual tune-up. This should get you ready for the blazing summer sun.

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