Bluetooth Headphones Earphones And Earbuds: The Pros

Sound devices play a huge role in our lives. We like to listen to the news on our way to the office, a referencing podcast at break time, and a funny stand-up comedy on our way back home. Devices like headphones, earphones, and earbuds also play a big role in our professional life. As work-from-home culture has been increasing rapidly, the use of all kinds of electronic devices including webcams and earphones, has skyrocketed.

As we are moving forward in life, we are getting wireless. From telephones to phones. TVs to personal computers and now from wired earphones to Bluetooth ear phone, we have continuously become better and better in technology. So when you have the advantage of keeping yourself hassle-free from the tangled wires then why shouldn’t you try a change? You can easily attend work meetings from home or listen to podcasts while doing the laundry. So where is the issue!?

Bluetooth earphones, headphones, or earbuds have an endless list of benefits so why not look into some of them? Here are a few benefits that can make you fall in love with it very soon.


  • Keep you Hasslefree: Bluetooth earphones, headphones or earbuds keep you away from the worry of untangling the wire or damaging the wire. Also, you do not have to have your phone with you everywhere around.
  • Lesser Distraction: Bluetooth earphones, headphones or earbuds help you keep the focus on one thing like while working out, jogging, doing house chores, or attending a work meeting. 
  • Freedom: Bluetooth earphones, headphones or earbuds let your hands enjoy real freedom. You do not need to adjust them like normal wired headphones or earphones.
  • Better Sound Quality: The new and advanced Bluetooth earphones, headphones, or earbuds provide you with the best sound quality without any kind of distortion.
  • Better Microphones: these new ones offer you the better quality of microphones that normal wired earphones, headphones, or earbuds do not offer. 
  • Enhances your Style: The popularity of these Bluetooth earphones, headphones or earbuds is increasing day by day. It is not at all surprising – with the amazing benefits that these earphones offer, they do also look super cool and stylish. These earphones automatically make your personality look all classy.

With time Bluetooth earphones, headphones or earbuds are getting better and better. There are now a lot of other features that they offer like better playtime, water resistance quality, and many more.

8 Features that Bluetooth earphones, headphones, or earbuds must have:

Not all Bluetooth earphones are made equally. One might have a very good microphone whereas the other may have a strong noise cancelling feature. Also, the quality of all the earbuds may vary from price to price and brand to brand. Here are the 8 features that you must consider while buying a new set of Bluetooth earphones.

  • Price: You must have a range in your mind according to your budget before making a purchase. The price of the Bluetooth earphones does affect the quality. If you want top-notch earphones with all kinds of amazing features, you must come up with a good budget.
  • Codecs: You must choose Bluetooth earphones that can support the codecs that you prefer. Many Bluetooth earphones work with SBC which does not support high-resolution sound effects.
  • Tips: This may sound a bit odd but ear tips of earphones play a huge role. The silicone ear tips must be comfortable and of a perfect size that can cover your ears perfectly. You can never experience the perfect sound if they do not cover your ear correctly.
  • Playtime: A Bluetooth earphone set must have a very good battery time else it would be of no use. 
  • Control: The earpieces of more expensive wireless earbud versions will have control pads or buttons that you can press to change the volume, skip a track, give voice instructions, or answer calls.
  • Noise Cancellation: Some Bluetooth earphones have the feature of noise cancellation. This feature adjusts the sound according to the loudness and keeps your ears safe from any internal damage.


Planning to buy Bluetooth earphones, headphones or earbuds should not be a very hard decision to make anymore. With all the benefits and features mentioned above, you can now easily decide which type of Bluetooth earphones, headphones, or earbuds you must get. 

So why stay wired in the wireless world? Get an amazing pair of Bluetooth earphones now and live up your life to the fullest.

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