4 Great Party Tips And Tricks

As the lockdown restrictions are lifted, more and more people are throwing parties to meet their friends and family members to make up for the lost time. The pandemic lasted for over two years, it feels so long that most people have forgotten how to throw an awesome party. 

Planning a party, holiday events, and get-together is undoubtedly fun but requires a lot of work to be a success. To clarify, hosting a party does not involve months of planning, a big budget, and a huge number of guests. Aim to make lasting, magical memories with your friends that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

4 Great Party Tips and Tricks


As a host, know what your guests are into, whether they like intimate dinner parties, get-togethers, or game nights. Choose the theme accordingly for the guests to have the best time.

Get Your Home Ready For a Party 

Spare some time a day or two before the party to make sure the place is spotlessly clean and ready for a party. If you are hosting an intimate party with just close friends and family members, clean all areas of the home, get rid of clutter, take the garbage out, and put fresh bags in the bin.

Moreover, put a collecting can near the area where food and drinks are served, stock the bathroom with extra toilet paper, and move the furniture around to make space for the guests to move.

Put Together a Playlist 

Music matters especially when it comes to a party, so make sure to put together a stellar playlist for the part y. Do not just play entertainment that you like but think about the guests when choosing the music. 

Ask the guests about the kind of music they like and create a playlist accordingly using Spotify or iTunes. If you have run out of ideas, check premade playlists on Spotify to add songs.

Food & Drinks 

You would not want to play the bartender the whole time during the party, therefore, prepare in advance. As a general rule, arrange at least 3 bottles of wine for every 4 guests or 3 to 4 cocktails per person. You can order all supplies like i do cheap party supplies in Singapore.

Give people variety by making different kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Additionally, serve people small appetizers, finger sandwiches, pizza, bruschetta, sushi, meatballs, and crunchy vegetables. Serve about 13 appetizers when hosting a party of 50 people.

Plan Fun Things For The Guests

Parties should be anything but boring, therefore, plan fun things for the guests like karaoke competitions, games, or a dance-off. If you have planned things to make the party fun, inform your guests beforehand so they come prepared.


Hosting a party is a great way to have fun, however, equally tiresome. Besides the aforementioned tricks, walk around the party, check in with the guest if they need anything, and do not forget to connect with like-minded people. Do not let people get bored, play games like Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, Charades, or Musical Chairs to keep up the energy.

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