Do You Need a Bass Speaker if You Already Have a Normal Speaker?

If you are a person who would love to enjoy everything to the fullest then there are many things you must have already planned. One of the few things that take place on the top half of the list is Speakers! Well, we all know that a normal set of speakers can never make your home theatre, gathering, or anything totally fun whether it is for TV shows, games, or anything. Setting up a good gathering where you can have a good list to listen to requires a few important components like an amazing distortion-free and full quality with an amazing bass sound system.

If you are here to decide why you should get a bass speaker and what type of bass speakers are the best for you then this is the perfectly right place. Before moving on, we need to understand what exactly the bass speaker is. So get your seatbelts on and let the bass increase!

What is Bass Speaker: 

A bass speaker is a kind that delivers a low frequency, specifically 20-200 Hz, that an ordinary set of speakers can not produce on their own. These low frequencies are from the background instruments like bass guitar, kick drum, etc. 

Why Should You Get a Bass Speaker?

Bass Speakers

The first question is what do you want: just listening to the sound or feeling it? Well, here are some benefits that will make you believe that you need a bass speaker.

  • Feeling the Sound: Bass speakers make it possible for you to feel and make your body move with the sound. Where other normal speakers start dropping down near 50Hz, bass speakers reach down to 20Hz or lower. This makes you feel every beat right in your heart.
  • Zero Distortion: You may experience some distortion in your normal speakers when you try to play them on high volume, right? A bass speaker is free from all such things. You can play as loud as you want and there will be absolutely no distractions.
  • Plays According to the Genre: Even the quickest bass lines are presented with feeling and accuracy because of the speed and transient response of a bass speaker, which presents bass with incredible realism and impact.
  • Placement: The best part is there are now amazing wireless bass speakers. You can place them anywhere but make sure to place them in a space that is safe for heavy sound and all.
  • Outdoor Use: You can take them outdoors with you as well. You can even take it to beaches or pools as there is a wide range of waterproof bass speakers as well.

Features To Look For In a Bass Speaker:

Deciding for a bass speaker can be tough. Here is a guide so that you can know which features are important for a good bass speaker.

  • Low Frequency at the Highest Sound Pressure: The first and the most important feature is low-frequency output at the highest sound levels. It is to make sure that the bass speaker can play loud sounds without any kind of distortion.
  • Speed in Transients: This is the feature that makes bass speakers the best. When you look for speed in the transients of a bass speaker, you get to learn how smoothly it can start and stop.
  • The Depth of Low Frequency: When looking for it you get to know how perfectly a bass speaker can handle the deepest notes and bass tones. The best ones must reach a depth of 20Hz or lower.
  • Playtime and Fast Charging: A wireless bass speaker must have a longer playtime and faster charging. Only this can let you enjoy your bass speakers’ sound for a longer time.

Best Bass Speaker:

These are the main features that are best to be checked out properly before making a purchase. It is always good to do detailed research before getting anything like a bass speaker. You can find many amazing speakers out there. In my opinion, a few of the best bass speakers are:

  • Soundcore Motion+
  • Soundcore Motion Boom
  • Soundcore Motion Boom Plus
  • Soundcore 3 
  • Flare 2 (waterproof)

The Verdict:

Getting a bass speaker may not feel like a necessity but it is good to spend a little extra on yourself so that you can enjoy a few fun things in your life to the fullest.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a new set of some amazing bass speakers and make your life a little more lively and fun!

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