The ABCs of Office Relocation

An important part of setting up a new office is installing security systems to safeguard your assets and employees. It’s much easier to put systems in place before the office is occupied with desks and computers, as the ceiling is normally opened to place wires and cables across the office. You can also avert disruption of the work routine if setting up wiring and testing the network prior to moving staff into the new space.

Both video and audio systems can be installed simultaneously to operate today’s monitoring systems. When moving into a new office space, most businesses will install monitoring systems prior to relocating office furniture. 

Ideally, all your wiring and cabling should be planned to accommodate not only your existing staff but also handle additional staff if your intention is to grow your business. Using your old computer and network systems may or may not be ideal where growth is concerned. If your equipment is outdated, when you move it is the ideal time to upgrade to something that can handle higher capacity. 

Planning Stages

Office Relocation

Before you make the move, a consultation with a professional, commercial moving company is recommended. Since many companies most valuable assets are their data, they don’t risk losing it by moving it themselves or working with someone off of Craigslist. Have someone take an itinerary of your office furnishings, networking equipment, and goals for the business to determine the steps and stages to move existing assets in sequence to assure business continuity both in your existing office space and the next one.

If moving long distances, these companies can often provide moving assistance for your employees including relocating their possessions and setup of internet, electric and phone services.

Not only do you want to make the move easy on your employees; you’ll want to be respectful of people at neighboring businesses in your building. Ideally, your move will occur when it causes the least disruption, outside of business hours but honoring the rules of the office building. Your mover will need to use the elevator and move large items in the most convenient way to the moving vehicle, attempting to avoid blocking access to areas within the building.

All your computer and server equipment will be carefully disassembled, labeled, packed and organized to ensure a coordinated setup at the new office location. Data will be backed up ahead of time and if some equipment is outdated, data will be transferred to new equipment, if not backed up to the cloud.

All the wiring and cabling will be performed at the new office location while the walls and ceiling are open. You must have the proper services available ahead of time to support the equipment you power. Once all systems are in place, they will be tested and anything that is missing or faulty will be replaced so your office is fully functional by the time your staff moves in. 

Yours office furniture will arrive last, coming either from your old office or storage. 

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