Easy Ways To Keep Your Water Purifier In Good Working

Many people go out to purchase water purifiers because they’re concerned about the quality of their tap water. Home water treatment in New Jersey and other areas is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Without it, you would have to drink water from the tap, containing harmful bacteria and viruses.

But what happens when you buy a purifier? Often, these devices end up gathering dust in a corner, or worse yet, put back on the store shelves for someone else to buy. To ensure that your water purifier is always working properly and giving you clean drinking water, follow the following simple tips.

1. Check The Filter’s Condition

You should know when to replace your filter to keep it functioning at its best potential. Once your filter has reached its capacity (usually between 12-18 months), simply replace it with a new one.

Other routine practices that you should do on your filter include keeping it clean and replacing it occasionally. Ensure you clean it with soap and water or another appropriate cleaning agent to remove any buildup on the machine’s surface. You should also do this if you can see particles coming from inside the unit.

2. Rinse Your Tank Regularly

If you’ve ever left water sitting in your tank for a few days, you know it can build up an unpleasant smell. That’s because algae and bacteria grow inside the tank when there’s no proper circulation.

Rinse out your entire system at least once every week with cold or warm tap water, then collect enough fresh filtered water from your sink faucet (about two cups) for another cycle of filtering.

3. Get Rid Of The Buildup In Your Water Purifier

People often neglect their water purifiers by allowing dirt to build up in them over time. This buildup can not only affect the taste of your drinking water but also cause clogs and leaks down the line.

To avoid this issue, get rid of any debris or mineral deposits within your machine every other month. You can do this quickly by using a small brush to scrub away all the built-up debris in your machine. This will allow you to enjoy clean and fresh .

4. Take Note Of Drips And Leakages

Leaks often come from neglected filters that need replacement or a malfunctioning faucet. It may show leaking silicone in the connecting joints between components.

Apart from faucets, failing rubber washers can also cause leaks. Fortunately, you can get replacements from a hardware store near you. Also, you can fix them yourself without having to call an expensive plumber.

If you notice water seeping through your floor, shut off the main valve that feeds  into your home to avoid flooding. Doing that will also inhibit mold growth or wet walls and carpets. Fixing this issue will require professional help.

Check all seals, especially those around pipes, faucets, and connection points, and tighten them. Remember also to check connection points where parts are joined together with sealant materials like or cement.

5. Read The Instructions On The Manual

Every purifier is bought with a manual instructing users how to maintain it. You should read it to know the different things you can do to keep your purifier in good condition.

If you want to know how often it should be cleaned, check the manual and follow the instructions. It may vary depending on what kind of water filter or purification system you’re using. For example, bacteriostatic filters need weekly cleaning while other types need less frequent maintenance.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining your water purifier is essential for keeping your family healthy. By following these easy tips, you can keep your water purifier performing at its best and be confident in the quality of the purified water it produces.

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